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Cigar Accessories Include Cutters, Lighters, Cases, Tubes and ...
Cigar accessories include cutters, lighters, cases, tubes, ash trays, air purification systems, mouth wash, and many other devices and products.
Cigar Humidors - How to Buy a New Cigar Humidor
How to find and buy the right cigar humidor for your needs, information and advice to make the purchase of a new humidor much easier.
What Is a Cigar Humidor? - Cigars - About.com
Definition and description of what is a cigar humidor, used to store, preserve and age cigars by maintaining the optimal humidity level at room temperature.
Aging Cigars in a Humidor - Should You Age Your Cigars?
Cigar taste tests were conducted to determine if aging cigars in a properly maintained humidor can improve the flavor. Discover how much time cigars should be ...
Gift of Cigars - Giving Cigars and Accessories as Gifts - About.com
Giving cigars and cigar accessories as gifts for both new and seasoned connoisseurs, especially for Christmas and other special occasions such as Father's Day ...
Humidity Levels for Storing Cigars in a Humidor - About.com
Having trouble keeping up the humidity level in your humidor? Cigars should be stored at room temperature (about 70F degrees) with a humidity level of 68 to ...
Aging Bundled Cigars Yourself in a Humidor - About.com
The importance of aging cheap bundled cigars in a humidor before smoking, and maintaining the proper level of humidity.
Shuriken Cigar Cutter - An Innovative Technology For 21st Century ...
... in your mouth? Here is a new cigar cutting technology that does that and more. You may even enjoy smoking short fill cigars. ... New Humidor? Do This Before ...
Top Cigar Gifts for Cigar Smokers - About.com
List of the top gifts to give to a cigar smoker, including cigars, accessories, humidors, gift certificates, and more.
Aging, Tasting, and Rating Cigars - About.com
Rating cigars is based on many factors that affect the flavor of a cigar, and can ... Aging cigars in a cigar humidor is one factor you can control to improve the ...
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