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Cigar Cutters - Types of Cigar Cutters and Cuts - Cigars - About.com
Cigar cutters are used to remove or penetrate the cap of a cigar before smoking it . There are three basic types of cuts, the straight cut, the wedge (or V) cut, and ...
Review of Cigar V Cutters - Cigars - About.com
Review of Cigar V cutters which cut a wedge into the sealed cap of a cigar so it can be smoked, including pictures of the cutters and the wedges made in the cap  ...
Xikar Cigar Cutters and Punches For Big Cigars - About.com
New Xikar cigar accessories for 2013 include cutters and punches for big cigars and some new cigar lighters.
Cigar Punches - Review of Cigar Punch Cutters - Cigars - About.com
Three basic types of cigar punches for making a hole in the cap of a cigar before ... and holes made by the bullet punch, havana punch, and the multi cutter.
Shuriken Cigar Cutter - An Innovative Technology For 21st Century ...
Review of Shuriken cigar cutter. Did you ever wonder if there was a way to cut a cigar and never worry about getting bits of tobacco in your mouth? Here is a new  ...
Cigar Cutter, Lighter and Punch - A Perfect Set - Cigars - About.com
I have been using all kinds of cigar cutters, lighters and punches over the past few years, and my wife and two younger sons decided that this year, for Father's ...
Cigar Accessories Include Cutters, Lighters, Cases, Tubes and ...
Cigar Cutters & the 3 Types of Cigar Cuts There are several kinds of cutters used to cut the cap of a cigar, but only 3 basic types of cuts. Making a cut other than ...
Cigar Cutters Including Special Scissors, Guillotines, Hole Punches
How to use and where to purchase different types of cigar cutters, including guillotines, scissors, wedge cutters, hole punches and others.
Complete Guide to Cigar Smoking for Beginners - About.com
Guide to help beginner smokers learn all about cigars, including how to select, cut, ... Learn about cigar cutters and the three basic cigar cuts, and also about ...
Airline Regulations Are Affecting Cigar Smokers - About.com
Airline regulations which affect cigar smokers include restrictions on matches, lighters, and certain types of cutters. There are different rules for carry-on and ...
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