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Basic Flavors In Cigar Tobacco - Cigars - About.com
Terms used to describe basic and subtle flavors of cigar tobacco.
Health Benefits of Cigar Tobacco Leaves - Cigars - About.com
Health benefits of cigar tobacco have included medicinal uses to treat many diseases throughout history, up to more recent studies showing that intravenous  ...
Medical and Health Benefits of Tobacco and Cigars - About.com
A couple of years ago, I wrote an article entitled Health Benefits of Cigar TobaccoCigars and Medicine. The recent list of HPHC's (harmful and potentially ...
Cigar Smoking | Pipe Smoking | Smokeless Tobacco
Learn about the dangers posed by cigar and pipe smoking, as well as smokeless tobacco.
Risks of Cigar Smoking - Facts and Dangers - Smoking Cessation
Jun 11, 2014 ... Young Americans are picking up cigar smoking in increasing numbers. This growing trend is due in part to Big Tobacco's efforts to glamorize ...
Facts about Cigar Smoking - Smoking Cessation - About.com
And what about cigar smoking vs. cigarette smoking? Are they a safer ... One cigar may contain as much tobacco as an entire pack of cigarettes. A single ...
Definition of Binder Tobacco Leaves in a Cigar - Cigars - About.com
The binder tobacco leaf in a cigar is used to bind and contain the bunch of filler tobacco leaves inside of a cigar. It usually has little or no flavor, but some cigar ...
Filler is the tobacco inside of cigars
Filler is a term to describe the tobacco inside of a cigar. In hand rolled cigars, the filler usually consists of long tobacco leaves, and is called long filler. In machine ...
How to Avoid Getting Sick From Smoking a Cigar - Cigars - About.com
If you smoke handmade cigars, then you are smoking 100% tobacco. However, unless the tobacco was grown organically, it is possible that some residue from ...
Cigar Tobacco Illustrated
Illustration of the tobacco used to make cigars includes the wrapper leaf, binder, and filler tobacco which can be long or short or mixed.
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