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Review of A.Turrent Triple Play Cigar

Altadis USA Showcases San Adres Maduro Tobacco

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A.Turrent Triple Play

A.Turrent Triple Play Cigar

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The A. Turrent Triply Play cigar is a “Puro Maduro” produced by Altadis USA at their factory in La Flor de Copan, Honduras.  A large attractive silver band surrounds a great smoking triple Maduro.  The wrapper is a San Andres Morron, the binder  a Connecticut Broadleaf and the filler is a blend of Nicraguan, San Andres, and Honduran Maduros.

Flavor and Aroma

The A. Turrent Triple Play cigar is full of flavors with a slight sweetness in the wrapper.  It smokes even and smooth like a good strong coffee from first lighting, and has a great bitter sweet chocolate finish.  The grey ash held on for nearly 2” and the robusto that I was smoking was finally put to rest when I was down to the 1” mark.  The cigar never got hot and generated lots of nice thick smoke.

Draw and Construction

The A. Turrent Triple Play cigar is expertly constructed and burns perfectly even.  The dark San Andres Morron Maduro wrapper is virtually flawless.  I used a 9mm punch to cut  the cigar which revealed a solid strong cap.  For those that like to collect cigars bands, this one comes off easily without damaging the wrapper.


The A. Turrent Triple Play is an excellent cigar and retails for $7.20 to $8.00 a stick depending on the size, and boxes of 21 sell for $129 and 5-packs for $32, bringing the prices down closer to $6 a cigar.  The cigar is offered in a Robusto, Toro, Belicoso, Short Belicoso and Gran Toro. This is a great value for a great new cigar.  I already have several in my humidor.

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