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Review of C & C Maduro Robusto Cigar

The Chuisano Brothers are Back!

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Roll Back

C & C Roll Back Maduro Robusto

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Who is C & C Cigars?  They are folks that we know from a while back, Joe Chuisano and his brother Mike, formerly with Cusano Cigars.  Yes, they created that brand years ago, but at the height of their success, they sold the name to Davidoff.  Not totally happy with the direction of the brand, first Mike and then Joe left the company to ponder their future in the cigar industry.  Well, they are back with some good cigars and fantastic prices.  I am not sure if “Roll Back” refers to getting back to their roots or the fact that they are making cigars that are both good and inexpensive like they were 40 years ago.

Draw and Construction

I smoked a couple of their Roll Back Maduro, 5”x50 robustos.  It is entirely made of Dominican tobacco. This is a nice natural wrapper, medium dark brown and it is not pretty.  What I mean is that the wrapper has lots of visible veins and is very rough and rustic looking with awkward cut marks.  Okay, it is a really ugly cigar but how does it smoke?  The draw is tight but not so much and you don’t have to work too hard to smoke it.  Close your eyes and the pre-light aroma will place you in a large tobacco barn with leaves hanging all around you.  So far so good.  The ash?  Nothing short of perfect as well as the very even burn.  Can this really be?  The cap is thick and you would not know you are smoking a short-fill cigar.  The ash came off at 2 ½ “, nice and the cigar smoked for a full hour.

Flavor and Aroma


The Ugly Wrapper

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So what are the flavors and aroma in this cigar?  Believe it or not at first lighting I swear I could smell mesquite wood burning.  The flavor was also similar but then a little spice hit me, like mild green chilies. At the middle of the cigar the flavor and aroma changed.  How? Now I was tasking and smelling roasted chilies and maybe even a little chipolte peppers.  It was being at a Mexican bar-b-que.  Interesting and enjoyable.


I could not believe it when I found out these cigars are selling for $2.00 a stick.  $2.00?!?!? Really?  This cigars smokes better than some $5 sticks and maybe even better than that. So what if it is a short-fill cigar, it smokes like a premium cigar and afterall that is what is most important. I talked to Joe Chuisano at the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival and he is very proud of this new venture.  And he should be, this is not just a good value, it is a GREAT value!

Nice Ash

Roll Back's Nice Ash

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