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Review of Gurkha Beauty Cigar

It is Time to Treat Yourself

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Gurkha Beauty Cigar

Gurkha Beauty Cigar

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It is rare that I will smoke a cigar over $20, and I have only smoked a cigar that was over $30 once.  When you can get those $30 cigars for $15, well, that is your chance to treat yourself.  I did just that with the $15 I paid for a Gurkha Beauty.  This is a big cigar at 6 ½” x 58 ring gauge. The wrapper is Ecuadorian grown Connecticut Shade that is aged for 7 years.  The binder is Dominican and the filler is Nicaraguan. The packaging shouts opulent luxury.  Each cigar is cedar wrapped in sealed smoked glass tubes, and the box is actually a real humidor.  I think we should expect nothing but perfection here.

Draw and Construction

The pre-light draw is as perfect as you will find.  Lighting easily, puffing easily, burning perfectly even, with just the right about of smoke to know you are holding a class act.  If you are careful, you can keep the ash hanging on for close to 3”.  The cigar will take the average smoker at least 2 hours to get though, and it is 2 hours of some of the best cigar smoking you can experience.

Flavor and Aroma

With this cigar, we are talking the full gambit of flavors and aromas.  I found toast, almond, woodsy, earthy, subtle fruit, and oak.  The cigar was soft, velvety, creamy, never hot, always cool, and just as perfect as expected.  When something is this good, it is hard to say anything more that “WOW”.


The company claims that they only made 500 boxes.  I believe that is the manufacturer’s justification for charging over $600 for a box of 25, and the $30+ for a single stick.  It may be difficult to find deals at $15 for single cigars, but there were plenty available at $20.  The place I got mine is now out of stock.  The best deal I could find in boxes was $525.  Even at $15 to $20, this is a very pricey cigar, however, if you really want to treat yourself, this is the cigar.

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