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Review of Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Lancero Cigar

A New Size From The Oldest Cigar Factory In Nicaragua

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Joya de Nicaragua Cigar

New Cigar from Joya de Nicaragua

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The Lancero is a new size for Joya de Nicaragua.  It is a 7.5” x 38 ring gauge cigar and one of the thinnest premium cigars I have smoked.  The cigar was created by Dr. Alejandro Martinez Cuenca, owner and master blender of Joya de Nicaragua.  The good doctor has a PhD in economics, and although that may not mean much in the cigar industry, he has been in business longer than any other cigar company in his country.

Draw and Construction

The cigar has an interesting wrapper. The top is an Ecuadorian shade grown Connecticut and the last 2” of the top of the cigar is a dark oily sun grown Criollo Maduro.  They call it dos cappas, which literally means two caps.  The draw was a little restrictive but not too tight. It was pretty much what I would expect from a lancero. The cigar stayed lit but the ash did not hold very long and fell into the ash tray the first time I put the cigar down.   The draw did tighten as you smoked.  The burn was even and the cigar lasted around one hour and 20 minutes.  

Flavor and Aroma

The cigar flavors were pepper and nuts, and the more you smoked, the more peppery it got.  The aroma was similar to burning dry tree bark in an open pit fire, but not at all unpleasant.  I drank a dark roast coffee with this cigar.  The big surprise came when I reached the last two inches of the cigar.  This is where the criollo wrapper started.  A strong metallic taste hit me and I just had to put it down. I was unable to continue smoking at that point.


The cigar sells as a single stick for around $5.50.  When you buy a box of 24 for $109, that brings the price down to $4.54.  If you make certain NOT to smoke this cigar past the beginning of the criollo wrapper, then it will be an enjoyable cigar.  Yes, the value is okay and this is not too bold a cigar, and may be a good choice for a novice smoker who would like to try a lancero.  These and a couple new blends of their Antano cigars were also introduced at the 2011 IPCPR.  The Antano cigars are typically bold cigars and are the subject of another review.

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