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Review of Oliva Cain Nub Fuerte Cigar

What is Sam Leccia Up to Now?

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Cain Nub F

Two Sizes of Cain Nub Fuerte Cigars

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Once again we are being subjected to Sam Leccia’s obsession with his “NUB” cigar idea.  The Cain Nub F (for Fuerte) is supposed to be the strongest all ligero cigars you can find in this “NUB” format.  I don’t have much to say that is good, so lets get it over with.  Just to make sure that you know I did not make a quick determination on this, I smoked three of these to be sure that they were all smoking the same.  Yep, all the same.

Flavor and Aroma

This cigar is certainly nothing to write home about, and did not leave me much to discuss.  This is a very similar taste and aroma of other Cain cigars, but not as pronounced.  The flavors are all too subtle.  With a triple ligero cigar, I would have expected the flavor to jump off of the cigar and hit me in the face, and that just did not happen.  The aromas were just not there, like they were in the original Cain and Cain F.  A Fuerte cigar is supposed to grab your senses and wake them up, and with this cigar, it just fell short.

Draw and Construction

Cain Nub F ash

Cain Nub F Cigar With Uneven Burn

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Again, this was a disappointing experience.  The draw was way too light and the cigar burned way too fast, especially from what I had to compare to in previous Nub type cigars.  The cigar also burned quite uneven, and although the ash held on, the cigar barely burned for 30 minutes.


I am going to give my humidor a break from NUB’s, Cain’s, Cain F's, Cain Nub’s, Cain Nub 460's and so on.  I have not yet smoked the Cain Dakota, but I may just wait until I can be more objective.  I tend to get cynical about a cigar brand after smoking a few that are not up to par.  Do I think it is a good value?  It really does not matter what the price is, because no one should spend any amount of money on a poor smoking cigar.


I like Sam Leccia.  I think he is a brilliant cigar blender and he really created a great cigar in the Cain series.  Sometimes, when you have a really good idea and it turned into a good cigar that will stand the test of time, perhaps the cigar makers should just leave it alone.  I will still smoke Cain cigars, but I am staying away from anything that resembles a "NUB".

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