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Review of Gurkha Cellar Reserve Perfecto Cigars

The Beach Cigar Group Inc. Maintains Gurkha’s High Standards

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Gurkha Koi

Gurkha Cellar Reserve Perfecto

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The Beach Cigar Group Inc., the owners of Gurkha Cigars, have once again maintained their reputation of creating great cigars.  The Cellar Reserve Perfecto, called “Koi”, a 4” x 58 ring gauge cigar is no exception.  The tobacco for this cigar has been aged 15 years and is made up of Criollo 98 wrapper, an aged Dominican Olor binder and 15 year old Dominican filler tobacco.  Criollo 98 is another tobacco that was engineered to be resistant to Blue mold by Cuban botanists. This tobacco is reportedly to have been the original Cuban tobacco that was brought back to Spain by Columbus.

Draw and Construction

The cigar shape is a perfecto, a very distinctive cigar that is closed at both end, with a slightly rounded head and larger bulge in the middle.  This is a very well constructed cigar, nice and firm with a very light draw.  It was a tad too large for me and, in my opinion, needs more taper.  The smoke is thick and grey with a very dark grey ash, typical of most Gurkha’s.  It only required one re-light at mid-point when the ash fell off. The total smoking time was 1 hour and very relaxing. It was probably the best cigar I have had in a about a month.

Flavor and Aroma

These cigars have some great flavors.  The smoke is smooth, creamy and has a rich tobacco aroma.  Surprisingly it had no flavor pre-lighting.  This is very nice medium cigar that is earthy, woodsy with no spice and no bitterness.  Although light, it is full flavored and gives you a mouth full of smoke that dances around your tongue with perhaps a little oak flavor. The flavor reminded me of a nice chardonney or a rich blended scotch like JW Blue Label or a 30 year old single malt.


The cigars come in boxes of 20 and sell for around $160.  They are not really available yet, or at least I can’t find them, but at $8 a stick it is a great smoking cigar and in my opinion, a great value for a Gurkha.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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