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Review of La Libertad Perfecto Cigars

A New Release From Villiger Stokkebye International

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La Libertad Cigars

La Libertad Cigars from Villiger/Stokkbeye

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The Villiger La Libertad is a Dominican made cigar and the newest release from Villiger Stokkebye International.  The shape and size I choose for this review was their perfecto, a 5 ¼” x 54 ring gauge cigar.  They also make a 6 ½” x 50 Churchill and a 5” x 52 Robusto.  These hand-rolled long leaf cigars have a Habano seed wrapper and Nicaraguan seed binder, however both of these are grown in Peru.  The filler is a Ligero tobacco from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. A lot of thought went into blending this cigar. I think this is evident, as you will see.

Draw and Construction

This is a very well made perfecto, keeping in the traditions of the old fashion style with a great taper at both ends.  The wrapper is quite rustic looking, firm to the touch, yet it has a slight elasticity.  Cutting any amount of the taper will give you a nice even draw.  The cigar lights easily and burns evenly.  The ash was good for 1 ½” and may have held on longer if I had not almost dropped my cigar when I went to put it down for a minute.  The band came off without damaging the wrapper.  The cigar smoked for just under one hour, which is about right for a short perfecto.

Flavor and Aroma

The pre-lighting aroma is quite pleasant with this cigar, with nice floral overtones mixed with a basic earthliness.  The wrapper has almost no taste at all, but after lighting you can immediately enjoy a very mild smooth smoke.  The cigar carries on with the floral taste and aroma throughout the entire smoke.  This is a great cigar for a novice, or even for the seasoned cigar smoker, because you can just enjoy the smoking experience without trying to figure out if you like it or not.  It is just a good cigar.


This cigar sells for $94 for a box of 20.  That puts the price around $4.70 per stick.  In today’s market, if you can find a good smoking cigar for under $5, you are doing well.  I found that there are many cigars that will have a 4 star rating and remain in the $4 to $5 price range.  This just proves that you do not have to spend $8 or $10 to find a nice smoking cigar.  This will be one more cigar that I plan to keep in my humidor.

About Villiger Stokkebye International

Villiger Stokkebye International has made a lot of progress towards providing the cigar smokers of today with good values and good consistent cigars.  The cigar traditions of two great European tobacco families joined together to create this company, the Villiger family from Switzerland and the Stokkbeye family of Denmark.  While deployed to Afghanistan last year, SSgt Geoffry Pieper wrote to Villiger Stokkebye to ask their support for the NATO troops and they responded with several hundred cigars.  This was a great introduction to their cigars because most of us never tried them before.  What we really liked about some of their cigars was the packaging.  Why?  Because the company packs some of their products in air-tight tubes made of aluminum foil, or a sealed cellulose film which provided us a way to keep our cigars from getting damaged or drying out. This was important, especially in such a dry climate and great for taking on missions.  It is also great for any dry climate, like the American Southwest.

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