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Review of Perdomo Champagne Noir Cigar

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Perdomo Champagne and Noir Cigars

Perdomo Champagne Epicure and Noir Super Toro Cigars

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Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne cigars are one of Tabacalera Perdomo's most popular brands. The cigars are made with Nicaraguan filler tobaccos and Connecticut Shade wrappers. In April 2011, Perdomo introduced a new Champagne Noir cigar, which uses a similar blend of filler tobaccos (all from Nicaragua) as the 10th Anniversary Champagne cigar. However, the wrapper is a Nicaraguan bourbon-aged Cuban-seed Maduro. At the time of this review, the Noir was available only in the Super Toro size, measuring 6 inches in length with a 60 ring gauge. For comparison, I also smoked a 10th Anniversary Champagne cigar in the Epicure size, which measures 6 x 54.


The 10th Anniversary Champagne cigar is mild-to-medium bodied, and very smooth, creamy and mellow. However, the Champagne Noir cigar is at the lower end of the medium-to-full range. The Maduro wrapper works very well on this cigar, adding sweetness and body to a blend that is smooth and mild. To paraphrase another cigar maker (who described his 15th anniversary cigar as being similar to his 10th anniversary cigar on steroids), the Perdomo Champagne Noir cigar is similar to the 10th Anniversary Champagne cigar on Vitamin E. The cigar is not at all overpowering, and can be enjoyed by connoisseurs as well as beginners looking for more flavor and substance than the 10th Anniversary cigar. I enjoyed both Perdomo Champagne cigars, but rate the Noir a half-star higher than the 10th Anniversary (which still gets a very good 4-star rating).

Draw and Construction

Both Perdomo cigars were very well made, and both lasted for about an hour. This was a bit surprising, since the Noir was a much thicker cigar (60 vs 54 ring gauge). Because I enjoyed it so much, I must admit that I probably puffed on the Noir cigar a bit more frequently than usual. I smoked both cigars down to two inches remaining, and during that time, no relights or touch-ups were necessary. Both cigars burned evenly, had great draws, and held a long ash.


I purchased both cigars as singles, and paid $6.50 for the Epicure and $7.25 for the Noir. However, a box of 25 Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Epicure cigars should cost between $135-$140, for an average of about $5.50 per stick. The Noir's were a little harder to find after their initial release (unless you live in South Florida), but a box of 25 should cost around $160-$170, for an average of about $6.50 per cigar. Nick Perdomo has done a great job of keeping prices low on these top quality cigars. If you're a beginner, try a 10th Anniversary Champagne (a great first cigar). If you are an experienced connoisseur or a beginner looking for more flavor without the kick, then the Perdomo Champagne Noir is the cigar for you. Considering their high quality, both are great values in my book.
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