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Review of Rocky Patel Sun Grown Toro Cigar

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Rocky Patel Sun Grown Toro Cigar

Rocky Patel Sun Grown Toro Cigar

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Rocky Patel Sun Grown cigars are made in Honduras with a blend of filler tobaccos from Brazil, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. The wrappers are sun-grown in Ecuador. The Toro size that was sampled for this review measured 6½ inches in length with a ring gauge of 52.


Rocky Patel Sun Grown cigars are considered to be medium-to-full bodied, but I think that they are closer to medium. The cigar began with a very enjoyable sweet spicy flavor, which lasted for the first 5-10 minutes. Then the flavor backed off just a bit, and became a little bit leathery. At this point, I was worried that the cigar's excellent flavors at the start would eventually die out, and that the taste would become bland, but the tamer and milder sweet/spicy flavors together with just a bit of a dry leathery aftertaste lasted for the duration of the smoke. Not an excellent cigar, but still very enjoyable.

Draw and Construction

The Rocky Patel Sun Grown Toro cigar was very well made and had a good draw. The burn was even for the first 45 minutes, then one touch-up light was needed to keep it that way for the duration of the cigar. The ash was not just long, as this cigar held a very long ash. There were definitely some quality long-filler tobaccos inside of this stick. It took me one hour and ten minutes to smoke the cigar down to 2" remaining.


The price for a box of 20 Rocky Patel Sun Grown cigars is about $135, which works out to an average of $6.75 per stick. As usual, the price when purchased individually as single sticks is a bit more. These are not cigars for beginners (definitely not a first cigar), but I think that advanced beginners (and up) will appreciate and enjoy flavors that this stick has to offer. I may not be a big fan of some of Rocky Patel's other cigars, but the Edge Lite and the Sun Grown are a couple of his better works. Definitely worth a try!
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