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Review of Gran Habano Connecticut #1 Gran Robusto Cigar

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Gran Habano Connecticut #1 Cigar

Gran Habano Connecticut #1 Gran Robusto Cigar

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Gran Habano cigars are made by Guillermo Rico in Honduras. The Connecticut #1 blend is made with Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrappers and a blend of filler tobaccos from Nicaragua. The Toro size that I sampled is actually named the Gran Robusto that measures six inches in length with a ring gauge of 54. As an aside, Gran Habano's El Gigante (made with the company's #5 Corojo blend) is the world's largest cigar available for purchase, and can be seen in our IPCPR Image Gallery and also in our video outtakes.


The Gran Habano Connecticut #1 cigar is mild-to-medium bodied, but closer to the upper end of that range. The cigar started off with a mild sweet tobacco flavor, which quickly developed into a slight spicy flavor that was still enjoyably sweet. The flavor lasted for the duration of smoke, and did not fade away or turn bland like some other milder cigars. This would make a great cigar for beginners, as well as for mainstream cigar smokers who enjoy a flavorful cigar that is not a power bomb.

Draw and Construction

The Gran Habano Connecticut #1 cigar was well made, having a great draw and even burn. The cigar held a medium-to-long ash, and did not require any relights nor touchups. It took me an hour to smoke the cigar down to two inches remaining.


Gran Habano Connecticut #1 Gran Robusto cigars are an excellent value at less than $80 per box of 20 cigars, for an average price of under $4 per stick. These Gran Hanano cigars would make a grand choice for beginners, but are also recommended for mainstream smokers, too. I like the Connecticut #1 better than the company's #3 Habano blend, and they are more affordable than George Rico's G.A.R. cigars. Give them a try!
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