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Review of C & C Corojo Robusto Cigar

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C & C Corojo Robusto Cigar

C & C Corojo Robusto Cigar

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C & C Cigar Company was founded by Joe Chiusano, former President of Cusano Cigars. The company began selling its new cigars in 2011, with the first release being named Roll Back, which was previously reviewed by our Contributing Writer, Dr. Mitch Fadem. Later in 2011, three new C & C cigars came to market, including a Corojo blend that is the subject of this review. The other two blends (Connecticut and LRMD) were reviewed separately. All three C & C cigars are made in the Dominican Republic, and all are available in three sizes, Robusto 5 x 50, Toro 6 x 52, and Churchill 7 x 50. The Corojo blend in this review is made with filler and binder from the Dominican Republic, wrapped inside an Ecuadorian Corojo tobacco leaf.


The C & C Corojo Robusto cigar sampled for this review was medium bodied, and started out with a very enjoyable but mild sweet spicy flavor. After a few minutes, a tangy peppery aftertaste became noticeable, but was not too strong. A little further in, I detected a bit of a smooth and creamy butterscotch flavor. The cigar was never bitter nor harsh, and can be enjoyed by beginners as well as mainstream cigar smokers. The flavor is not overly complex, just simply delightful and worthy of a very high rating (especially after considering the price). No matter which flavors are described in any cigar review, the cigar can still taste either good or bad to a particular cigar smoker. It's all about how the flavors come together in a particular blend, plus a magical or intangible X factor that I mentioned in another article about what makes a cigar good. And in my humble opinion, the C & C Corojo has that X factor.

Draw and Construction

The cigar had a free and easy draw, and held a medium-to-long ash during the first 30 minutes, then became somewhat flaky beyond that point. The cigar is made with a triple cap, and the wrapper seemed a bit on the thinner side with a few visible veins. The burn was somewhat even, but not razor sharp. One touchup light was applied after about 20 minutes, but the cigar went out at the 30 minute mark, shorty after a small crack appeared in the wrapper just above the band. I re-lit the cigar and continued to enjoy the flavor, but the wrapper at the head of the cigar then began to partially unravel. The last 10 minutes of the smoke were a bit messy, but the draw was still good and the taste enjoyable. It took me approximately 45 minutes to smoke the cigar down to two inches remaining.


C & C Corojo cigars are an excellent value for the price, and despite a few construction issues, the flavor can only be described as superior. In fact, the C & C Corojo in the Churchill size was rated 90 by Cigar Aficionado magazine in their August 2012 issue. In addition, a number of other cigar reviewers seem to prefer the Corojo blend over C & C's Connecticut and LRMD cigars, but you can read our opinion of those other two blends in a separate review. However, what really matters is what you like, and the only way to find out for sure is to try these cigars for yourself (and after considering their relatively low price, you really can't afford not to).

Boxes of 18 C & C Corojo Robusto cigars are typically available online for about $80, bringing the average price per stick down to less than $4.50 per cigar. However, I've seen these cigars on sale for as low as $66 per box (that's only $3.67 per stick!). Again, a very good cigar for the price, and I most definitely recommend giving them a try.

Disclosure: Review sample was provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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