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Review of Dignity Rose Gold Elite Dynasty Cigar

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Dignity Corojo Cigar

Dignity Corojo Cigar (Rose) with Maduro (Black) and Natural (White)

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Dignity Cigars by Don'Juan Gross are Costa Rican puros grown from pre-embargo Cuban seeds in a pesticide-free environment using organic fertilization methods. The cigars are not certified organic (like Plasencia Organica cigars), but according to the company, they are certified as being "eco-friendly". Three lines of Dignity cigars were first introduced in 2010, and were named based on the color of their bands: White Gold Reserve, Gold Elite, and Black Gold Maduro. In 2012, the company introduced a new Rose Gold Elite Dynasty cigar having a corojo wrapper, which is the subject of this review. In addition, Dignity also produces limited edition Smoke of Art – Cateva cigars as well as Minnesota Fats cigars, named after the famous hefty billiard player. These other Dignity cigars will eventually be reviewed separately in future samplings.

Dignity Rose Gold Elite cigars are available in six vitolas:

  • Sibo Dignidad Petit Starter (30x5)
  • Bribri Robusto (50x5)
  • Borasque Toro (52x6)
  • Teribe Torpedo (52x6)
  • Chorotega Churchill (52x7)
  • Chibchan Gordo (62x6)

The size sampled for this review was the Borasque Toro, which measures six inches in length with a ring gauge of 52.


Dignity Rose Gold cigars are described by the company as being medium-to-full bodied, but I found the sample to be medium bodied. The cigar did have an unusual bitter-sweet spicy flavor that was most interesting and enjoyable. The cigar's flavor did not change too much during the course of the smoke, other than taming down just a bit after the first ten minutes or so. Being a Costa Rican puro, this cigar does not contain any traditional tobaccos that most of us are familiar with, but the flavor is not too unusual to make anyone apprehensive about giving one a try. I've smoked cigars containing some Costa Rican tobacco before, but none that were made only with tobacco from Costa Rica.

Draw and Construction

The Dignity Rose Gold Elite cigar was very well made, had a great draw and even burn, and held a long ash. No relights or touch-up lights were necessary. It took me one hour to smoke the cigar down to two inches remaining. There were not any construction issues to negatively impact my enjoyment of the cigar.


Boxes of 25 Dignity Rose Gold Elite cigars are available on Dignity Cigars website for around $200 (in the Robusto, Churchill and Torpedo sizes), give or take $10 or so depending on the particular size. That makes the average cost per cigar about $8, which is not a bad value in today's market when compared to other premium cigars. Just like with organic food, it is up to the buyer to decide if a product may be worth a bit more if it is certified as being organic, or in this case, as being eco-friendly. There is no such thing as a healthy cigar, but some cigars may be healthier and/or more friendly to the environment than others. Regardless, since the taste of Dignity cigars are a little bit different than cigars made with at least some traditional tobaccos (grown in Nicaragua, Honduras or Dominican Republic), I recommend trying a 5-pack first, instead of buying an entire box. The cost per stick is a bit higher at $9 per cigar when paying $45 for five, but at least you won't be stuck with a whole box of cigars that you may not like, whether they are eco-friendly or not.
Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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