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Review of Arturo Fuente Short Story Cigars

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Fuente Short Story Cigar

Fuente Short Story Cigar

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Short Story cigars are short perfecto shaped cigars made in the Dominican Republic by Arturo Fuente. Short Story is the smallest size offered in Fuente's Hemingway line, measuring four inches in length and having a ring gauge that ranges from 42 to 49, due to its irregular or figurado shape. The cigars are made with aged Dominican filler tobaccos and Cameroon wrappers. I'd like to thank Juan Panesso at CigarsDirect.com for providing the samples for this review. However, it must be noted that Short Story cigars are widely available at many cigar retailers, and are not exclusive to any particular tobacconist.


Arturo Fuente Short Story cigars are mild-to-medium at the start, but become closer to medium after the half-way point. Although the cigars have been aged by the manufacturer, the flavor will still improve if allowed to rest in your humidor for at least a couple of weeks, especially when purchased online and received through the mail. This holds true for most other cigar brands, also. I smoked ten Short Story cigars over a period of about three months for this review, and noticed a big improvement after 2-3 weeks in my humidor, but the cigars tasted even better after a couple of months. There was not too much of a difference after that, which reminded me of a cigar aging experiment that I conducted with Flor de Oliva Cigars back in 2006-2007.

Short Story cigars begin with a naturally sweet and pleasant flavor, but eventually a slightly sour taste became noticeable in the earlier smokes (which spent less time in my humidor). The intensity and duration of the sweetness varied for each cigar sampled. For example, one sample had a very enjoyable sweet tobacco flavor that lasted for the first half of the cigar, while another sample had a less intense sweet flavor that was gone after five minutes. Over the entire smoking duration of the ten cigars sampled, the flavor ranged from a low of 2½ to a high of 4½ stars, for an average rating of 3½ stars.

Draw and Construction

Arturo Fuente Short Story Cigar

Short Story Cigar Ash

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A. Fuente Short Story cigars are very well made and have a good draw. All sample cigars burned evenly and held their ashes until the cigars were smoked down to the band. No relights nor touch-ups were needed. It took me from 15 to 25 minutes to smoke each cigar, but 20 minutes seems to be the mean, the median and the mode.


A box of 25 Arturo Fuente Short Story cigars will cost about $120 to $140 online, depending on the particular retailer. That's an average box price of about $5 per stick. Doesn't sound too bad for a perfecto shaped cigar made with premium aged tobacco, but also consider the limited smoking time of only about 20 minutes. A cigar this size will really come in handy when you have a limited amount of time to enjoy a premium stick. And like other small cigars such as the Oliva Nub, the cigar's small size can actually be a desirable feature. However, at $5 per 20-minute smoke, it will cost you $15 per hour to smoke Arturo Fuente's Short Story cigars. Not a value-priced smoke by any means, but a least worth a try.
Disclosure: Review samples were provided by a cigar retailer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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