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Review of Gurkha 125th Anniversary Cigar

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Gurkha 125th Anniversary Cigar

Gurkha 125th Anniversary Cigar

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Gurkha celebrated its 125th anniversary during 2012 by creating a special 125th anniversary cigar. The 125 years does not represent the amount of years that have passed since the current Gurkha Cigar Company was purchased by Kaizad Hansotia in 1989, but the amount of time elapsed since 1887, "at the height of the British rule that colonial soldiers first began to smoke and enjoy their own cigars from local tobacco. The fondness of the British for these legendary Nepalese
fighters inspired them to name their cigars Gurkhas."

Gurkha's 125th anniversary cigar is made with a Cubra Habano wrapper, an Ecuadorian Habano binder, and a blend of Nicaraguan, Brazilian, and Dominican filler tobaccos. This cigar is available in four sizes, a 5 x 52 Robusto, 6 x 54 Rothchild, 6½ x 54 Torpedo, and a 6 x 60 XO, ranging in price from $8.39 to $10.99 per stick. The vitola sampled for this review was the Rothchild. To hear more about these cigars, check out my Interview with Oliver Hyams, Marketing Manager for the Gurkha Cigar Group.


The Gurkha 125th Anniversary cigar is a medium bodied smoke that is very smooth and enjoyable. The flavors detected include a mild sweet spice with some herbal notes, and a taste that is similar to the rich and complex tobacco flavors that I also experienced in the Gurkha Beauty (a cigar which we gave our highest 5-star rating). The flavors in the 125th Anniversary smoke were just a bit more subtle, but still at least close to being exceptional, especially during the first 40 minutes or so (almost 5 stars). After that point, the flavors began to fade slightly, but the taste remained above 4 stars until almost the very end.

Draw and Construction

The Gurkha 125th Anniversary Cigar was very well made, having a great look and feel, an even burn, and held a medium-to-long ash. I used my Shuriken Cigar Cutter to inflict slits into the cigar's cap, and the cigar delivered a near-perfect draw. No relights were necessary, but I did apply a couple of quick touch-up lights just to keep the burn razor sharp. It took me 90 minutes to smoke the cigar down to 2½ inches remaining, when the taste started to become somewhat bland. However, after an hour and a half, I was more than completely satisfied with the cigar's performance.


As previously stated, the manufacturer's suggested retail prices for Gurkha 125th Anniversary cigars run from $8.39 to $10.99 per single stick, depending on the size. However, these cigars are also available in attractive hand-carved mango wood boxes (with brass fittings) containing 20 cigars, which can knock down the average price per cigar by about a dollar per stick, depending on the particular cigar retailer. When compared to the highly acclaimed (and similar) Gurkha Beauty, which sold in a glass tube for as high as $30 per stick, the Gurkha 125th Anniversary cigar is actually a pretty good value. This is a superior smoke with top quality tobaccos that is definitely worth a try. A great choice for all levels of cigar smokers, from beginners to connoisseurs.

These cigars can be difficult to find for sale online, so a trip to your local tobacconist might be necessary. A number of cigar makers have been trying hard to support local tobacco shops during the last few years, and only provide some of their blends to brick and mortar cigar stores, excluding online cigar retailers. This trend is expected to continue into the near future.

Disclosure: Review sample was provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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