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Review of Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Sumatra Cigars

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Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Sumatra Cigar

Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Sumatra Cigar

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Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Sumatra cigars are made by the General Cigar Company in Honduras with a blend of Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican (Piloto Cubano) filler tobaccos, Connecticut Broadleaf binder, and Dark Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper leaf. This particular line of Hoyo cigars was originally introduced in 2002, and is blended to be more robust than the regular Hoyo de Monterrey cigars. The vitola sampled for this review was the Media Noche, a Toro size cigar measuring 5¾ inches in length with a 54 ring gauge.


The Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Sumatra Media Noche cigar started off with a deep, rich, and full tobacco flavor that was naturally sweet and very enjoyable. Some may call this a cocoa or sweet earthy flavor, but whatever terms you choose to use to describe it, the taste was surprisingly impressive and was never harsh nor bitter. The cigar was well balanced and not overpowering. The cigar held its initial 4½-Star flavor for the first ten minutes, then faded a bit down to 4 stars. After about 30 minutes, the taste became a bit leathery and dropped to 3½ stars. Still not bad, but no longer great. This cigar is recommended for more experienced smokers, but some mainstream cigar smokers might enjoy it, too. The Hoyo Dark Sumatra would not be a good choice for someone looking to try a cigar for the very first time, nor for relatively new cigar smokers, either.

Draw and Construction

The Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Sumatra Media Noche cigar was well made and had a great draw. The cigar had a relatively even burn, but I did apply one minor touch-up light just to make sure the cigar kept burning evenly. The cigar held a long ash and never went out, and therefore, no relights were required. It took me 55 minutes to smoke the cigar down to 1½ inches remaining.


A box of 25 Hoyo Dark Sumatra cigars can be found online for about $100, which is an average box price of only $4 per cigar. This is a great value for a full flavor cigar that can compete with many of the more expensive "boutique" cigars that seem to be preferred by a good number of cigar bloggers. Earlier in this review, I stated that the flavor of a Hoyo Dark Sumatra cigar was surprisingly impressive. Connoisseurs should not be fooled nor automatically dismiss any cigar made by the General Cigar Company. General Cigar may be a part of one of the two largest cigar companies in the world, but they consistently make some great cigars that are modestly priced. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, especially when the time comes to pay for your cigars.
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