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Review of Kurt Kendall’s 7-20-4 Lancero Cigars

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7-20-4 Lancero Cigars

7-20-4 Lancero Cigars

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In late November 2012, I received three cigars from Kurt Kendall, Twins Smoke Shop, Londonderry, NH. There was no business card inside the package, just the return address on the box. When I opened them, I saw nice lancero size cigars wrapped in cedar with a green ribbon at the foot, very classy. These 7-20-4 cigars have to be the most amazing lanceros I have ever smoked. I know, I recently wrote a review about the J.Grotto, and Rocky Patel has an excellent lancero in his Decade line, but honestly, the ones from Kurt Kendall literally blew me away. If I could rate these cigars with 6 stars I would. In fact, I was so impressed that I looked Kurt up on the internet and called him on the phone to tell him what I thought. The 7-20- 4 numbers on the cigar are a tribute to R.G.Sullivan, a cigar manufacturer from the late 1800’s early 1900’s in Manchester, NH, and the address of his factory was 724 Elm Street. Sullivan also featured the exact label that Kurt is using as the band for his premium cigars. This Lancero is 7½” long with a 38 ring gauge.

Draw and Construction

The draw is nothing short of perfect and what you would expect from a high end robusto or any other shape much larger than the lancero. There is only a slight amount of give in the cigar, that is wrapped with a rich looking dark Brazilian Mata Fina leaf. The binder is Columbian and the fillers are from Honduras and Nicarargua. The tobacco has been aged and fermented, then rolled and aged again in the Spanish cedar sleeve and cedar boxes for 120 days before shipping. No relights required, although the ash does not hold on very long. I did not even really think about the ash while smoking this, I just enjoyed the thick steel gray smoke. For me, this one lasted about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Flavor and Aroma

The flavor is very woodsy, mostly from all of the cedar aging, and it is very, very, very smooth. The aroma is a nice old world cigar experience reminiscent of the pre-embargo Cuban cigars that we all wish we had today. Well, you will find the Kendall’s as close to that as possible. This was an excellent blending and Kurt should be very proud of this cigar.


I have smoked and reviewed over one hundred cigars and I have never called up the manufacturer and ordered them right away like I did this time. The single stick sells for $7.95, an excellent value. They are boxed in Spanish cedar and sold for $143.10, bringing the price down to $7.15 each for an even better value. I have a box of 20 on their way to me right now as I am writing this review.
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