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Review of Vindicator Robusto Cigars by Oliva

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Vindicator Cigar

Vindicator Cigar

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Overview – I recently smoked a cigar called the ‘Vindicator’. It was a Robusto size and was sent to me by Scott Shemtov of Famous Smoke Shop. This past year the folks at FSS have released a couple of really nice cigars that surprised me from the standpoint of quality and price. Did they keep up high standard they set for themselves? Let’s see.

The Cigar – The Vindicator is an interesting stick made from a blend of triple-fermented Nicaraguan Ligero and Viso fillers. The wrapper and binder are both Nicaraguan Habano leaves, making this what is called a Nicaraguan Puro, a cigar totally made from the tobacco of one country. I personally like cigars like this because it gives you the complete package and all from one region. Some of the fun about smoking cigars is finding ones like the Vindicator that can give you this experience.

Draw and Construction

These are well made sticks that are very hearty. Typically, the Oliva cigars that I have smoked have one common flaw, the wrappers are too thin and have a tendency to crack while you are smoking, especially in a dry climate like New Mexico. The Vindicator holds up well to the lack of humidity and has a decent draw. The ash is also a solid winner, holding on for about 2 inches. The entire cigar smoked for about 90 minutes. Please remember that I am one of the slowest cigar smokers around, and for the average person, it may smoke for a little over an hour.

Flavor and Aroma

The Vindicator is a bold cigar, or as the promotional information says “full-bodied”. The aroma is one which is enjoyed more if you are sitting across from someone smoking it. I had a little trouble getting the aroma, but when I put the cigar down and walked away about 10 feet, I could pick it up as a strong French Roast and mesquite. The flavors are interesting because they are a little spicy, and I am referring to a peppery type of experience, but more in the red pepper realm. As I smoked the cigar, there was a surprising hint of sweetness. The information from FSS called it vanilla and cream. I would not go that far, but it did smooth out the boldness of the smoke.


This is another good deal from Famous Smoke Shop. Just like the Iron Horse and Inferno cigars, the Vindicator is a good cigar with a great price point. A box of 20 Robustos will cost you $60, which is just $3.00 per stick. Any time you can get a good smoke for under $5, it is quite a deal. A tip of the hat to Oliva and FSS for again giving us a good cigar at a good value.
Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the distributor. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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