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Review of Table 36 Cigars

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Table 36 Cigars

Table 36 Cigars

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Continued From Part 1

Another boutique cigar company out there making a difference are the folks at Table 36. The premise of the founders was to create cigar blends that can be enjoyed by every type of smoker from the novice to the aficionado, and to enjoy these cigars with friends and family. I smoked both their Fellowship and Integrity cigars with my wife while sitting on our back patio enjoying a nice summer evening. No, my wife does not smoke cigars but she knows good cigars from bad based on the aroma she experiences, and she really enjoyed these.

Table 36 Fellowship Cigars, 3½ Stars

The Fellowship cigar blend got some help from the folks at Alec Bradley. As some of you may know, I am not a fan of the Family Blend but AB did a good job of assisting Table 36 on this blend. The filler is a mix of a Honduran leaf from the Raices Cubanas Factory in Trojes, South Central Honduras and Nicaraguan leaf from Jalapa Valley, which just happened to be close to the southern border of Honduras. Some would say that the tobacco is very similar for these two regions. The binder is a Honduran Criollo and the wrapper is Habano Seed Honduran leaf called Colorado Subido. Subido in Spanish just means ‘raised’ as in grown. The cigar is touted as being a medium-bodied cigar but I thought it was a bit more on the full-bodied side of that. The cigar has a traditional twisted cap but you can still punch it if you prefer that over a cut. I found it a little too spicy for me and it had that leather flavor that I don’t care for but the cigar smoked well and those of you that like those aspects of a cigar will enjoy this one.

Table 36 Integrity Cigars, 4½ Stars

The Integrity is a much finer cigar and comes in one of my favorite shapes, the box press. This cigar blend got help from none other than Nester Plasencia in Estili. I have never met Nester, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank him also for supporting the troops with hundreds of cigars sent directly from his factory. The Integrity has a great draw and is a very smooth smoking cigar. It is typical of cigars blended with the fine tobaccos of Estili, Jalapa and Condega Nicaragua. The wrapper is Jalapa Valley, and there is a double binder of both Estili and Jalapa tobacco surrounding a great blend of ligero tobacco from Condega and Jalapa. Unlike other box press cigars, these are not hardened firm cigars but rather soft, not too much but there is a lot of give in these sticks. The Integrity has a nice aged tobacco aroma and the flavor is like a rich coffee, which lasts the entire smoke.

There is a third cigar from Table 36 that I would like to mention. I have not smoked it yet, but they are resting in my humidor. This cigar is called the Peacemaker, and although it was introduced at the show it was ‘look, don’t smoke’. It is one of the most unusual looking cigars I have seen. A lot of companies are going with the ‘shaggy foot’ cigar leaving the foot of the cigar uncut. The new Pacemaker takes the prize for the best and biggest ‘shaggy foot’. The cigar is 6 x 42 with the shaggy foot measuring between 2” and 4”. Unfortunately, you will all have to wait until later during the Fall of 2013, the projected launch date, to find out more about it and how it smokes, but the picture is worth a double-take.

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