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Review of C & C Connecticut and LRMD Cigars

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C & C Cigars

C & C Cigars

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As previously indicated in my review of the C & C Corojo Cigar, the C & C Cigar Company released three new cigars during the later part of 2011. In addition to the Corojo blend, we also promised to review the other two cigars, namely the LRMD (Limited Release Maduro) and Connecticut. All three of these new (in 2011) C & C cigars were made in the Dominican Republic, and all are available in three sizes, Robusto 5 x 50, Toro 6 x 52, and Churchill 7 x 50. This review covers both the C & C Connecticut and LRMD Robusto cigars. Continue reading to find out which of the three C & C cigars sampled is the star of the show.


C & C Connecticut cigars are made with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and Dominican filler tobaccos, while the LRMD blend is a puro made with a Dominican Maduro wrapper and Dominican fillers (and binder). As you might suspect, the Connecticut blend is the mildest of the three C & C cigars, being mild-to-medium bodied with a smooth and mostly pleasant tobacco flavor that would appeal more to beginners and mainstream cigar smokers who prefer a milder blend. I did notice just a hint of a slightly sour flavor that seemed to come and go, which is not unusual for a cigar made with a Connecticut wrapper. The cigar was comparable to other brands made with similar tobaccos, and did not have any other special taste characteristics to write about. The LRMD cigar was medium bodied, and had a brief peppery flavor right at the start, then quickly became a predominately leathery tasting cigar that was pretty consistent throughout the remainder of the smoke. Since my palate is not a big fan of leather, the LRMD was my least favorite cigar of the three, but I think that at least a few experienced cigar smokers would prefer this one over the Connecticut blend. Both the Connecticut and LRMD cigars have different tastes, but I rate them both with 3 stars (with a slight edge going to the Connecticut blend), which would then make the 4-star Corojo blend the biggest star of C & C's cigar lineup.

Draw and Construction

C & C Connecticut and LRMD Cigars

C & C Connecticut and LRMD Cigars

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The C & C Connecticut cigar was well made and had a great draw. The cigar held a medium-to-long ash and burned evenly, requiring no relights nor even a touch-up light. It took me 45 minutes to smoke the cigar down to about 2½ inches remaining. The C & C LRMD cigar had somewhat of a firm draw at the start, but eventually improved after about ten minutes. The cigar had an even burn and also held a medium-to-long ash. No relights nor touch-ups were required. It took me about 40 minutes to smoke the cigar down to two inches remaining.


The C & C Cigar Company is all about value. All three of the blends in this review (in all three sizes) are priced between $4 and $5 per cigar, when purchased by the box or five-pack. At those prices, you can afford to try them all, but I strongly recommend the highly rated and flavorful C & C Corojo cigar. Even Cigar Aficionado praised this cigar with a rating of 90, which is not an everyday occurrence for a Churchill-size cigar that costs less than $5 per stick. The smaller Robusto size will smoke for about 45 minutes, and the price is closer to $4 per cigar. At those prices, there is really no excuse not to try one.
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