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Review of Espinosa Habano Toro Cigar

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Espinosoa Habano Toro Cigar

Espinosoa Habano Toro Cigar

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Espinosa Habano cigars were the first cigars made at Erik Espinosa's new La Zona factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. Eric was the former partner of Eddie Ortega, who together were well known and respected in the cigar industry for their EO Brand cigars such as the highly rated 601 Blue Maduro. The Espinosa Habano cigar contains some Nicaraguan tobacco, but according to Erik's website, the company will "never reveal their 11 herbs and spices". These cigars are available in four sizes: Robusto (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 52), Belicoso (5½ x 52), and Trabuco (6 x 60). The size selected for this review was the 6-inch long Toro with a 52 ring gauge.


The Espinosa Habano cigar is medium-to-full bodied which began with an initial strong blast of pepper that lasted for just a few puffs. The cigar then became more of a leathery tasting smoke, but the dryness of the pepper lingered for almost 10 minutes before smoothing out. The flavor was much improved at this point, so never give up on a cigar if you don't happen to like the first few minutes. Considering how much I enjoyed the 601 Blue, the taste of the Espinosa Habano was not as spectacular as I was expecting, but it was still a decent cigar.

Draw and Construction

The Espinosa Habano was well made and had a good draw. Although the burn was not razor sharp, the cigar did burn relatively even and did not require any touch-ups nor relights. The cigar held a medium-to-long ash. It took me one hour and 25 minutes to smoke the cigar down to two inches remaining.


At the time of this writing, Espinosa Habano cigars in the Toro size were available online in boxes of 20 cigars for about $114, and in five packs for $28. Either way, the average cost would be less than $6 per stick. I suggest trying a 5-pack first, just to see if you will enjoy the particular flavor profile of these cigars before committing to an entire box.

FOOTNOTE: A subsequent review of Four Espinosa Cigars included an additional sample of the Espinosa Habano, which did not smoke exactly the same as the cigar in this review, but still received the same overall rating.
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