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Review of Gurkha Ghost Cigar

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Gurkha Ghost Cigar

Gurkha Ghost Cigar

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Gurkha Ghost was a new cigar when released in October 2012, and was available just in time for Halloween. The Ghost is available in four sizes: Shadow (5x52), Asura (6x54), Angel (6x52), and Exorcist (6x60). The cigar sampled for this review was the Angel. Gurkha Ghosts are made with a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, a Dominican Criollo 1998 binder, and a dark Brazilian Arapiraka Maduro wrapper. Each cigar is dressed with an unusual and cutting edge holographic band, which helps bolster its overall appearance. In addition to his description of the new (for 2012) Gurkha 125th Anniversary Cigar, Oliver Hyams (Marketing Manager for Gurkha) also told us more about the Ghost during our short interview at the IPCPR Trade Show in Orlando. Notice the picture of Oliver next to a Rolls Royce Ghost during the interview, which was on display as part of a cross promotion with the new Gurkha Ghost cigars.


Gurkha Ghost cigars are medium bodied, but are loaded with full, rich, spicy and sweet earthy flavors, especially during the first 20 minutes of the smoke. The cigar's explosion of flavors at the start rated 4½ stars in my book, but the chocolate-like taste and spice tamed down a bit during the second 20 minutes, becoming more earthy with hints of cocoa and much less spice. The flavor dropped to 4 stars during this second segment, and fell further to 3½ stars during the last 35 minutes of the smoke. Overall, a four-star rating is appropriate for this cigar. Although the flavors in a number of premium cigars will change or develop as the cigar is being smoked, sometimes a less complex cigar can be more enjoyable than one which is purposely designed to change flavors just for the sake of changing flavors. However, if a cigar's flavor does change (even for the worse) as it is smoked, then it does give cigar reviewers something more to write about, and the cigar will most probably not be labeled as "boring".

Draw and Construction

The Gurkha Ghost is very well made, and gave off a noticeably larger than usual volume of smoke while burning, and also delivered a great draw. However, the cigar did not burn too fast, and lasted for one hour and 15 minutes down to 2½ inches remaining. The cigar held a long ash and burned evenly. Although no touch-up lights were needed to keep the burn even, the cigar did go out a couple of times, requiring relights at the 25 and 45 minute marks. For a cigar that lasted over an hour, one or two relights was not a major disappointment. If a relatively large cigar requires more than a couple of relights, then that would definitely be a negative factor, resulting in a reduction of its overall rating.


Suggested retail prices for Gurkha Ghost cigars range from $6.29 to $8.99 per single stick, depending on size. However, it may be possible to lower your average price per cigar by shopping around and/or by purchasing in boxes (or possibly 5-packs). Like other recent Gurkha cigars, Gurkha Ghost cigars may be difficult to find for sale online, as the company wishes to support brick and mortar retailers. Calls or trips to your local tobacconists might be necessary to find the best deals, and to check on availability. Based upon suggested prices, these cigars would be a good value for mainstream and/or more advanced cigar smokers. Probably not a great choice for beginners, as milder cigars are almost always recommended for new cigar smokers.
Disclosure: Review sample was provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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