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Review of Padron 1964 Anniversary Cigar

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Padron 1964 Anniversary Cigar

Padron 1964 Anniversary Cigar

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Padron 1964 Anniversary Series cigars are Nicaraguan puros and have the reputation of being amongst the best cigars in the world, and that includes Cuban cigars. These cigars were originally introduced back in 1994 to commemorate the Padron Cigar Company's 30th anniversary. To help protect against counterfeiting, these cigars come with a specially designed double band with an individually numbered label.

Padron 1964 cigars are box pressed and are available in sun-grown natural or maduro wrappers. These cigars are available in 11 different sizes, and you can't go wrong with any Padron 1964, or for that matter, any Padron 1926 Series cigar, either. However, the particular cigar that you might enjoy the most is a matter of personal taste. Let's just say that the 1926 Series cigars are fuller and a bit more complex than the 1964's, and contain tobaccos that have been aged for five years, compared to four years for the 1964's. Padron 1926 cigars are also more expensive than the 1964 cigars.

The cigar chosen for this review was the Padron 1964 Anniversary Natural. The size sampled was the Exclusivo Robusto, which measures 5½ inches in length with a ring gauge of 50.


The Padron 1964 cigar began wth a very pleasant and slightly sweet and toasty natural tobacco flavor that was medium bodied. After a few minutes, the cigar became even smoother and more creamy. Although there was not much of a change after this point, the cigar was very enjoyable and tasted great all the way down to the last puff. Yes, the flavor was great and deserves 4½ stars.

Draw and Construction

Padron 1964 Cigar and Macallan 18 Scotch

Padron 1964 Cigar and Macallan 18 Scotch

2013 © Gary Manelski Licensed to About.com, Inc.
The Padron 1964 Anniversary cigar was very well made. The draw was perfect, the burn even, and the cigar held a long ash. No relights nor touch-up lights were needed. It took me an hour and five minutes to smoke the cigar down to 1½ inch remaining.


Padron 1964 Anniversary cigars are super premium cigars that are not value-priced by any means. I've seen singles selling for $14 or more apiece, but when purchased in 5-packs or boxes, the average price per stick usually drops to around $12 or less per cigar, depending on where you buy them. If you want the best deal, it pays to shop around for Padron Series cigars, as prices can vary significantly among different retailers for these cigars, as well as for other super premium cigars.

Padron 1964 Anniversary cigars are definitely a top choice for special occasions. You may be able to find less expensive cigars that you like as much or even more, but if you want a sure thing for a special day, you can't go wrong with a Padron 1926 or 1964 cigar. These cigars have a great reputation for being consistently great for many years, while some other brands have yet to prove themselves over time. Another benefit of enjoying premium aged tobaccos is that there is usually no (or very little) unpleasant aftertaste when you are finished smoking. These cigars will not keep you up at night, and you won't wake up the morning after with the strong taste of a stale cigar in your mouth.

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