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Review of CAO Flathead 554 Cigars - 4 Stars

Part 3 In a Series on Good and Great Cigars From the 2013 IPCPR


CAO Flathead Cigars

CAO Flathead Cigars

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Continued From Part 2

Cigars Guide Gary and I have written a lot of reviews on CAO cigars before they became part of the General Cigar empire. This brand, in my opinion, struggled after that with some of their blends that I just did not care for, like OSA, even though a lot of people raved about it. Well, I had a chance to talk at length with Rick Rodriquez, Head Blender for CAO, about this new line for them and he did a very good job with both the concept and the blends.. The Flathead logo comes from the old Ford engine flathead block of the 1930s which were painted in different colors. The cigars are all box pressed with flat heads. The names have corresponding colors (blue, red, orange and black) and numbers; Piston 642 (6.5x42 @ $6.75), Carb 660 (6x60 @ $7.25), Big Block 770 (7x70 @ $9.50) and the Camshaft 554 (5.5x54 @ $7.75). The binder and filler are all Nicaraguan, and the wrapper is a Connecticut Broadleaf. The construction is excellent and the aromas are great, reminding me of the super CAO cigars of the past. The flavors are subtle mixtures of coffee and coco. The cigar is quite firm but the draw is very free. The ash is strong and I had to knock it off ¾ of the length of the cigar so as not to have it suddenly drop off in my lap. I give this one high marks for making me like CAO cigars again.

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