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Cuenca 5 Anniversary Cigar

Cuenca 5 Anniversary Cigar

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In honor of Cuenca Cigars' 5th anniversary, Ana and Miguel Cuenca along with A.J. Fernandez of San Lotano have created a special cigar to commemorate the occasion. Limited quantities of Cuenca 5 Anniversary 7 x 54 box pressed torpedo shaped cigars have been available (at MSRP of $8.50) since December 2012, but the company will officially debut the full line with a party at their retail location in Hollywood, Florida on February 23, 2013. The cigars feature a dark Habano wrapper from Nicaragua, and are advertised as being medium-to-full bodied.

I did find my sample Cuenca 5 Anniversary cigar to be within the medium-to-full range, but closer to the lower end of that range, at least after the first few minutes. The cigar began with a strong pungent flavor that left a spicy and peppery aftertaste. After about five minutes, the cigar tamed down a bit and the flavor gradually became more leathery with hints of spice.

The best feature about this cigar was its excellent construction. The cigar was very well made and had a great draw, great feel, and great look. The cigar held a long ash and burned evenly. No relights nor touch-ups were needed, and the cigar lasted for an hour and 15 minutes down to two inches remaining. This is not a cigar for beginners nor most occasional cigar smokers, but it might appeal more to a niche market of serious cigar smokers who prefer its particular flavor characteristics. My overall rating is three stars. A very well-made boutique cigar.

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