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Quick Review of Jesus Fuego Edicion de Familia 2012 Robusto Tubo Cigars

A Holy Smoke for Lent and Other Religious Holidays


Jesus Fuego Edicion de Familia 2012 Robusto Tubo Cigar

Jesus Fuego Edicion de Familia 2012 Robusto Tubo Cigar

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The 2012 limited edition of J. Fuego Edicion Familia cigars are the first in a planned series of annual releases, with subsequent years slated to have different blends of tobaccos. The Robusto was the only of the three 2012 available sizes that was not box pressed, and the only size that comes encased in a glass tube. These cigars are made with aged Honduran and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, and Ecuadorian Sumatra wrappers that were aged for 10 years. The Robusto measures 4 7/8 inches in length with a ring gauge of 49. The price is $10 for a single stick, or $90 for a box of 10 cigars.

Upon lighting, the Jesus Fuego Edicion de Familia Robusto cigar began with a very deep and rich earthy flavor with a hint of natural sweetness. The cigar was in the medium-to-full range, and tasted great for the first 30 minutes or so, then became a bit stronger and slightly less flavorful for the last 15 minutes, with a total smoke time of 45 minutes down to about 2½ inches remaining. The cigar was well made and had a good draw. One touch-up light was applied after about 30 minutes to keep the burn even, and the cigar held a long ash. These cigars are recommended more for connoisseurs than for beginners, and although I hate to be in a position to have to rate Jesus (especially during Lent), I give his cigar 3½ to 4 stars overall, after averaging the very flavorful beginning with a less favorable ending. Try a single stick first, before committing to a box of 10. But do it now, because next year's blend will be completely different.

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