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A Kosher Cigar For Passover


Senor Solomon Kosher Cigar

Senor Solomon Kosher Cigar

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Senor Solomon cigars are Kosher Supervision of America (KSA) certified. I have smoked certified organic and eco-friendly cigars before, as well as cigars having a religious name, but never a Kosher cigar. The ingredients and process of making these Kosher cigars are supervised and certified by a Rabbi. Not being Jewish, it is my understanding that if a product contains fermented or leavened grains, observant Jews cannot have it in their possession during Passover. For those interested, more information is available at senorsolomon.com.

Senor Solomon cigars are made in Nicaragua by Gersho Aizenman. According to the company, the JLS perfecto cigar is a new addition to their line. They are available in Connecticut, Habano, and Maduro wrappers, each having a different strength . The Connecticut is mild to medium, Habano is medium, and maduro is medium to full.

I found Senor Solomon to be close to medium bodied at the start, with some unusual spicy/peppery flavors that tamed down after about five minutes. The rest of the cigar was actually very smooth, and more in the mild-to-medium range. The 4½ inch long perfecto shaped cigar that I sampled smoked perfectly for about 25 minutes down to just over one inch remaining. No relights nor touch-ups were needed. I enjoyed the last 20 minutes of the smoke more than the first five minutes, and give my first Kosher cigar a rating of 3½ stars. Shalom!

Available at Mike's Cigars

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