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Cigar Accessories

How or when to use cigar cutters, lighters, cases, tubes and other cigar related products. Also, recommendations where to purchase cigar accessories.

Cigar Cutters & the 3 Types of Cigar Cuts
There are several kinds of cutters used to cut the cap of a cigar, but only 3 basic types of cuts. Making a cut other than the straight cut depends on the particular size and shape of the cigar, as well as your personal preference.

How to Buy a Cigar Lighter
Cigar lighters should be chosen based upon function over appearance. Butane double torch lighters made by reputable manufacturers having lifetime warranties are recommended.

Zippo Blu2 Butane Cigar Lighter
Review of Zippo Blu2 butane cigar lighter, made in America especially for cigar smokers, includes lifetime guarantee.

Straight Cigar Cutters - Review of Guillotine Cutters and Cig…
For this review of straight cigar cutters, I stayed in the ‘under $15’ price range. These cigar cutters come in three basic types; single straight bladed guillotine, double bladed guillotine, and cigar scissors. In the single bladed cutters, I tried two different styles; a credit card cutter and a multi-blade. I also tried one double bladed guillotine cutter, and one scisso…

Review of Cigar V Cutters
For this review of V cigar cutters, I selected three cutters priced under $10. A "V" cutter slices a V-shaped wedge into the cap of a cigar, cutting deeper into the filler than a standard straight cut. All three "V" cigar cutters were single bladed guillotine cutters.

Cigar Punch Cutters
There are three basic types of cigar punches available, a bullet punch, Havana punch, and multi-punch. Before describing them for you, I have to give a note of thanks to my local tobacconist, Larry Monte of Monte’s Pueblo Pipe shop, who supplied me with a whole stack of ‘scrap’ cigars to test out my array of cutters. That way I did not have to ruin any good cigars, just in case…

Review of Shuriken Cigar Cutter - An Innovative Technology
Review of Shuriken cigar cutter. Did you ever wonder if there was a way to cut a cigar and never worry about getting bits of tobacco in your mouth? Here is a new cigar cutting technology that does that and more. You may even enjoy smoking short fill cigars.

Xikar Cigar Cutters For Large Cigars
New Xikar cigar accessories for 2013 include cutters and punches for big cigars and some new cigar lighters.

Colibri – The Rebirth of Cigar Lighter Technology
Colibri Cigar Lighters - Most of us are familiar with the Colibri brand of lighters. Did you know that they also make jewlery, pens and were even featured in a movie? The company has remained on the cutting edge of lighter technology since Julius Lowenthal invented the first semi-automatic lighter back in 1935. Read and see what Colibri has...

High Altitude Cigar Lighters Featured at 2011 IPCPR
Many cigar lighter manufactures were showing high altitude lighters at the 2011 IPCPR. There are so many to choose from it is hard to know which will be the best for you. This article breaks through some of the sales-speak and gives you some real data to help you decide which is right for you.

Xikar Cigar Accessories
Video tour of Xikar's latest cigar cutters and lighters.

Cigar Cutter, Lighter and Punch
Xikar produces some of the best cigar accessories on the market. On Father's Day I received a perfect set for a perfect gift.

Recommended Products for Curing Bad Breath from Smoking Cigars
Products recommended to cure bad breath caused by smoking cigars include the Cigar Clear breath spray and Targon mouthwash.

Cigar Accessories and Tips for Using
A nice listing of cigar accessories and tips for how to use them.

Cigar Accessories
Unique collection of all the basic cigar accessories.

Cigar Accessories from Cuban Crafters
You can't have Cuban cigars, but you can buy cigar accessories from Cuban Crafters.

Lighters and Other Cigar Accessories
A nice selection of lighters, cutters, and other cigar accessories are available at elighters.com.

Smoking Accessories From eFlasks
Cigar accessories for sale online include a selection of cutters, lighters, travel humidors, ashtrays, etc.

Cigar Band Rings
A custom cigar band ring created by jewelry maker Jack Weinraub is an unique accessory for the consummate cigar connoisseur.

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