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Xikar Set

Xikar Cutter, Punch and Lighter

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I have been using all kinds of cigar cutters, lighters and punches over the past few years, and my wife and two younger sons decided that this year, for Father’s Day, they would get me ones that would always work and last a long time.  

I have been going through torch lighters every few months because they never seem to work right.  And, I got in the habit of using cheap punches and super cheap cutters.  Nothing I had cost more than $20, and most under $10.  The boys did some research and my wife visited some tobacco shops and they all came up with the same answer – Xikar.

Why Xikar?  They always work.  The blades are surgical sharpened steel.  The lighter?  It lights the first time, every time.  And, a lifetime warranty. 

The lighter is an EXII Carbon Fiber Windproof ($99).  It has a heating coil inside to make certain that it produces a flame even in the windiest of conditions.  The cutter is from the newly released Xi1‘Body Art’ collection.  Mine is called the ‘Web’ and has an interesting design laser engraved into the aluminum body ($69.99).  The punch is an Xi 007 ‘Gun Metal’ bullet punch with a beveled 7mm blade ($34.99).

Yes, you should expect the best quality for $200 and with Xikar you are getting it.  Aside from the lifetime warranty the company will send you a leather sheath for both the lighter and cutter.  I have had Xikar cutters and lighters in the past and have even sent them back to the factory for warranty work.  Your repair work is either returned quickly or they just send you a new one.

Oh, what happened to my other Xikar cutters and lighters?  Why did I end up using cheap ones?  Well, after two tours in Afghanistan I just gave them away as gifts to buddies of mine who ended up there longer than me.  However, these recent gifts from my family are keepers and I should never have to buy another cutter, lighter or punch again.  So, this article is written as a thank you to my wife, Darlene and my two younger son’s, Michael and Adam for the best Father’s Day ever.

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