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How to Cure Bad Breath from Smoking Cigars

Breath Fresheners For Cigar Smokers


Onyx Reserve Cigar

Recipe For Halitosis

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Smoking a full-flavored cigar, such as the Onyx Reserve (compare prices), and drinking a cup of strong cappuccino can result in a bad case of cigar breath, or halitosis. But not to worry, there are several cures for bad cigar breath.

Immediate Cures for Bad Cigar Breath

There are a number of products on the market that will quickly cure bad cigar breath, including mouthwashes for smokers, cigar breath sprays, toothpastes, gums, mints, and a slew of other items. A couple of proven products that I can recommend are Targon and Cigar Clear. Targon (compare prices) is a mouthwash for smokers that will greatly diminish or eliminate the aftertaste left by tobacco products, especially cigars. In addition, it can also help reduce the amount of tobacco tar that can stain your teeth. Another product that will actually cleanse (and not just freshen) your breath is a spray produced by Altadis called Cigar Clear (buy direct). This product is made from 100% natural oils, and comes in small dispensers that you can take anywhere. Individual bottles are available at many local tobacconists for about $3.00 apiece.

Tips to Help Avoid Morning Cigar Mouth

Many of us like to enjoy an after dinner cigar, or to have a relaxing smoke during the evening hours. But, if you retire for the night without eating, your bad cigar breath can be quite potent the following morning. Drinking some plain strong tea with your cigars can help reduce the bad aftertaste, and also cleanse the palate between smoking different cigars. An occasional smoker might consider enjoying one or two cigars per week after an early afternoon dinner on the weekend. Eating another meal later in day would then greatly reduce or eliminate that stale cigar taste when awakening the next morning. Food and time are slow acting cures for bad cigar breath, but for immediate relief, try Targon or Cigar Clear.
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