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There are three basic types of cigar punches available, a bullet punch, Havana punch, and multi-punch. Before describing them for you, I have to give a note of thanks to my local tobacconist, Larry Monte of Monte’s Pueblo Pipe shop, who supplied me with a whole stack of ‘scrap’ cigars to test out my array of cutters. That way I did not have to ruin any good cigars, just in case some of these cutters did not work too well.

Bullet Punch

Cigar Punch Bullet Cutter
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The bullet punch is just that, a bullet shaped device that fits on a keychain. The top unscrews to reveal the punch blade and there is a spring-loaded plunger on the bottom to push out the tobacco after use. I have only seen these in one size. The one I have held up well to multiple punches and if I felt the need to sharpen it, this was easily accomplished with a sharpening stone. The only drawback I see is that the top of the bullet that you unscrew to use the punch is easily lost (two of my buddies back in Kabul dropped the tops and lost them).
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Havana Punch

Havana Punch Cigar Cutter
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The Havana punch is also usually mounted on a keychain and also only comes in one size. This has no cap but the cutting edge is reassessed in the device. The back also has a spring-loaded plunger but on the Havana punch it is depressed and locks into place exposing the cutting surface. After the cigar is punched, there is a button on the side that when depressed automatically ejects the tobacco plug and secures the cutting blade safely back inside the device. Very clever, very handy, and very safe.
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Multi Quadra Punch

Quadra Multi Punch Cigar Cutter
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The last punch I tested was the one called the multi-punch. It is called that because it is four sizes of punches in one device; a tiny 1/16", a 1/8", a 3/16" and a ¼". Okay, so why would you need something like that? There are cigars out there that are 32 to 36 ring gauges, and there are many cigars that are short fill. I don't know about you but I don't like it when I cut a short fill cigar and spend the entire smoke spitting out pieces of tobacco. Also, the little cigars smoked much better and cooler when a very small hole was punched. The two smaller punches contained spring loaded steel balls that automatically popped the tobacco out after being used. The entire device screwed together concealing all of the sharp edges for safety.
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