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Review of Black Pearl Rojo Toro Cigar

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Black Pearl Rojo Toro Cigar

Black Pearl Rojo Toro Cigar

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The Black Pearl Rojo cigar is made in Nicaragua with Nicaraguan tobaccos. The Toro size measures six inches long with a ring gauge of 50.


The Black Pearl Rojo cigar is full bodied, with deep tobacco flavors. The cigar started off with a noticeable peppery taste, which slowly began to fade after the first inch. Although the cigar was very enjoyable, it is not recommended for new cigar smokers. I was originally intending to review a couple of cigars when I fired up the Black Pearl, but the strength of this stick proved that one cigar could be enough for one day. I smoked this cigar down to 2 ½ inches remaining, which took about an hour. This is definitely a full flavored cigar for experienced cigar smokers, only.

Draw and Construction

The cigar had an excellent draw, but the burn was uneven at times, and it required two relights. This is not a big problem when smoking alone on your own patio, but if out in public where a semblance of elegance and sophistication are important, then a more expensive cigar that is better constructed would be worth the higher price.


Depending on the quantity purchased, the cost of these cigars can range from about $2.50 to $4.00 per stick. This is a very good price for a full flavored cigar having a very deep tobacco taste. Experienced cigar smokers will most likely enjoy this cigar on a semi-regular basis, but it is not recommended for beginners, nor for special occasions.
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