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Review of Camacho Select Super Robusto Cigar

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Camacho Select Super Robusto Cigar

Camacho Select Super Robusto Cigar

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Camacho Select Cigars are made in Honduras with Cameroon wrappers and Honduran filler leaves. These cigars use a special blend of tobaccos initially developed by the Eiroa family (the makers of Camacho cigars) for their own use. The Super Robusto cigar size that I smoked measured 5 ¾ inches long with a ring gauge of 52.


The Camacho Select Super Robusto cigar was medium bodied, but full flavored. The taste was somewhat woodsy, with a very robust tobacco flavor. The taste was not at all harsh or overpowering until after the halfway point. I enjoyed the first 3 inches of the cigar, but had to put it down with about 2 ¾ inches remaining. I usually smoke cigars down to about 2 inches, but it is not too unusual for some cigars to become overpowering with as much as 3 inches remaining. I enjoyed this stick for a good 35 to 40 minutes.

Draw and Construction

The cigar was perfectly constructed, and provided an excellent draw with an even burn. I usually do not comment too much about the feel of a cigar, but this particular stick had a silky wrapper that was enjoyable to hold and smoke, more so than any cigar that I can remember ever smoking. There were certainly not any negative issues to report regarding the construction of this cigar.


The manufacturer's suggested price for single sticks in the Super Robusto size is $6.45. As usual, the cost per stick is lower if purchased in quantity or by the box. I think this cigar is a little on the pricey side, and would appeal to more experienced cigar smokers who enjoy fuller flavored cigars (and do not have a problem with putting a cigar down with more than 2 inches remaining). This stick should probably be avoided by new or beginner cigar smokers. (Note: Camacho Cigars also makes the Baccarat brand (Compare Prices), which is a mild cigar more suitable for beginners.)
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