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Review of Macanudo Hampton Court Cigar

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Macanudo Hampton Court Cigar and Tube

Macanudo Hampton Court Cigar and Tube

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Macanudo cigars are made by General Cigar in the Dominican Republic with a blend of aged Dominican filler tobaccos, Mexican binders, and Connecticut shade wrappers. Macanudo is the most popular brand of premium cigars in the United States. The Hampton Court is a corona-size cigar that measures 5 ½ inches long with a ring gauge of 42. Although the cigar should be removed from its tube if aging in a humidor, keep the tube available for later use if you intend to smoke the cigar away from home.


The Macanudo Hampton Court started out a little on the bland side, but the taste became very smooth and mild after three or four puffs. The cigar is mild in both its strength and flavor. The cigar provided a very pleasant smoking experience, which is tailor-made for beginning cigar smokers. Experienced smokers can enjoy this cigar also, since it will not leave a bad taste in your mouth nor keep you awake at night. In addition, a cigar this mild can be enjoyed with almost any type of beverage, since it is not overpowering. I enjoyed the flavor of the Hampton Court cigar down to about 2 ½ inches remaining.

Draw and Construction

This Macanudo cigar was very well made, and the construction was impeccable. The cigar had a great feel, even burn, nice easy draw, and did not require any relights. It took me about 40 minutes to smoke this cigar, which I enjoyed without any negative construction issues to hamper by enjoyment of the Hampton Court.


Typically, top premium name brand cigars like Macanudo can be a little pricey. In this case, you are not only paying extra for the name, but the consistency of the craftsmanship and the care taken in blending the finest aged tobaccos result in a premium price. Although there are many mild cigars that are inexpensive, including some that also use Connecticut wrappers, the Macanudo is still the standard for comparison. More advanced smokers may desire a more complex and fuller flavor, but even serious cigar connoisseurs will enjoy an occasional mild cigar. On the other hand, beginning cigar smokers should try at least a few Macanudos, and use the experience as a yardstick to measure the propriety of competing brands. A single corona-sized Hampton Court should cost less than $5, but by the box they are less than $4 per stick. Not the best value for a mild corona-sized cigar, but definitely worth trying.
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