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Review of Don Lino Africa Duma Cigar

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Don Lino Africa Duma Cigar

Don Lino Africa Duma Cigar

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The Don Lino "Africa" brand of cigars distributed by Nestor Miranda's Miami Cigar and Company are not made in Africa, nor are they made with Cameroon wrappers. The cigars are actually made in Nicaragua, but the filler does include some African Cameroon tobacco blended with filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Honduras. The wrapper is a limited vintage Nicaraguan Habano leaf, due to its sheen and oiliness. The "Duma" is a Robusto size cigar that measures 5 inches in length, with a ring gauge of 50.


Although considered by some to be a medium-to-full bodied cigar, I consider Africa to be more of a medium bodied cigar that has a nice rich tobacco flavor. The taste at the start was somewhat unique, and might be described as having just a hint of spice. As the cigar was smoked down beyond the 1/3 point, the flavor of spice became more pronounced. I really enjoyed the taste of this cigar, and though not exceptional, it was definitely very pleasurable.

Draw and Construction

The Africa Duma cigar was very well made. The cigar had an even burn and an excellent draw. I usually puff my way through most Robusto sized cigars in about 35-40 minutes, but it took me close to an hour to smoke this cigar down to two inches remaining. One relight was required when the cigar went out about halfway through the smoke, but not even one touch-up light was needed to even out the burn while smoking this cigar.


When purchased in boxes of 25, the cost per cigar is less than $4 per stick. As usual, single cigars will cost a bit more. I would consider Africa to be a decent or average value for a well made cigar with some unique characteristics. But if you were expecting this cigar to have an African Cameroon wrapper, you might be disappointed because the wrapper is from Nicaragua. As we all know, the wrapper provides roughly 50% of a cigar's flavor, depending on the particular blend and size of the cigar. Although the Nicaraguan wrapper is top quality, it is not Cameroon. However, Cameroon tobacco is blended into the filler, making this a somewhat unique stick. Give 'em a try!

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