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Review of Cuesta Rey Centro Fino Sungrown Cigar

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Cuesta Rey Centro Fino Sungrown Cigar

Cuesta Rey Centro Fino Sungrown Pyramid #9 Cigar

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Cuesta Rey cigars are made by the Fuente-Newman cigar family in the Dominican Republic. The cigars are made with Dominican filler tobaccos and sun-grown Sumatra-seed wrappers from Ecuador. These cigars come in several sizes, but the one that I smoked for this review was the Cuesta Rey Centro Fino Sungrown Pyramid #9, which is a torpedo shaped cigar. This cigar measures 6 ¼ inches in length, with a ring gauge of 52.


These cigars are medium in strength and taste. The initial flavor after lighting the cigar was very tangy and spicy, which lasted for about three or four minutes. After that, the taste of the cigar then tamed down to a more moderate and enjoyable spicy flavor, which lasted for the duration of the smoke. Although this was an above-average good tasting cigar, it was not quite what I would consider to be a superior smoke.

Draw and Construction

The cigar was well made, and did not require any relights. However, it did require one touch-up light to even out the burn, despite my valiant efforts at puffing and rotating just to see if that could be avoided. This is not a major fault, especially for cigars with large ring gauges. I can describe the draw as being adequate, not too tight, but not quite as generous as I prefer. The cigar seemed to burn faster at the beginning, but then slowed to last for about 50 minutes after being smoked down to 2" remaining. Because of its location, I recommend removing the second "Sungrown" band before lighting up. If you want to smoke the cigar beyond the half-way point, just remove that label by tearing it off at the point where it is glued together. Do not try to slide it off, or you might damage the wrapper.


Cuesta Rey Centro Fino Sungrown Pyramid #9's are moderately-priced cigars. They are typically sold in boxes of 10 for about $54. However, since the pyramids are more expensive than the other shapes and sizes, a better value would be the Toro size (6" x 50), which sells for about $44 per box of 10 cigars. Although these cigars are medium bodied, they would make a better choice for more experienced smokers than for beginners.

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