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Review of La Gloria Cubana Corona Gorda Natural Cigar

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La Gloria Cubana Corona Gorda Cigar

La Gloria Cubana Corona Gorda Cigar

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At the time of this review, La Gloria Cubana Corona Gorda Natural cigars were made by Ernesto Perez Carrillo for the General Cigar Company, and the cigars were rolled in both the Dominican Republic and Miami. Ernesto has since left the company to start his own cigar business, but La Gloria Cubana cigars are still made by General Cigar in the Dominican Republic, using the same blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, and either a natural Ecuadorian Sumatra or Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. The Dominican-made Corona Gorda size that I smoked measured six inches long with a ring gauge of 52.


The Corona Gorda Natural cigar had a very rich and full tobacco flavor, but was medium in strength and not at all overpowering. At the beginning, the taste of spice was noticeable, but the spicy flavor became more subdued after about fifteen minutes. The rich and somewhat toasty tobacco flavor predominated for the rest of the smoke, and was very delightful down to the last two inches of the cigar. This was not a cigar with a lot of spice, but just enough to make for an enjoyable smoking experience, especially after it really got going.

Draw and Construction

The cigar had a good draw and provided an adequate volume of smoke, but the burn was uneven at times, and required several touch up lights. After about 45 minutes, the cigar went out and required a relight. The cigar lasted for about an hour and fifteen minutes, but could have been even more enjoyable than it was, if it had burned more evenly.


La Gloria Cubana Corona Gordas can be purchased in boxes of 25 for just over $90, which works out to an average of about $3.70 per stick. Expect to pay more for single cigars. I occasionally smoked this brand of cigars back in the mid-90's, and still enjoy their unique rich flavor well enough to come back for more. Although I recall that these cigars also had burn issues in the past, their consistently excellent flavor more than compensates for this small inconvenience, especially at their relatively low price. In my opinion, this is one cigar that every cigar smoker should try.
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