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Review of Maxx Freak Cigar By Alec Bradley

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Maxx Freak Cigar by Alex Bradley

Maxx Freak Cigar by Alex Bradley

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Alec Bradley's Maxx line of cigars are made in Honduras by Nestor Plasencia. The cigars are made with a blend of filler tobaccos from Columbia, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Honduras. The binder is Costa Rican and the wrapper is from Nicaragua. These cigars are available in several sizes, including a size named the "Freak", which measures 6 3/8 inches in length with an enormous ring gauge of 60 (almost a full inch in diameter).


This is one cigar that lives up to its name. Maxx delivers maximum strength and flavor, and I can only recommend this cigar to the most serious cigar smokers having at least a couple years of experience. Beginners should stay far away from this one. The Maxx cigar is overpowering, not only because of the characteristics of the tobacco, but also because of its size. It is hard to identify one predominate flavor, as this cigar has a mix of several tobacco flavors, including hints of leather, earth, and cocoa. But the real story here is the nicotine kick you will get from this cigar, which will definitely be a bit too much for most cigar smokers. However, despite its strength, the cigar was not harsh or bitter. I should also mention that a good Scotch is almost required to accompany a Maxx cigar. A lesser drink will most likely be severely overpowered. You have been warned!

Draw and Construction

The Maxx Freak had a good draw, but the burn was uneven, requiring several touch-up lights. Some touch-ups were expected because of the shear size (width) of the cigar, but there were so many that I lost count of the number of touch-up lights required during the duration of this smoke. However, the cigar did not require any relights, and kept on burning and throwing off a lot of heat. One nickname for a cigar is a heater, and this cigar is definitely a heater. Smoke one of these on a cold night and it will keep you warm, both inside and out. I usually smoke most cigars down to two inches remaining, but I had to put this one down after an hour, with about 2 ½ inches still left.


A box of twenty Maxx Freak cigars should cost around $90, or $4.50 per stick. When these cigars were first released back in 2006, the original price suggested for a single stick regardless of size was $5. As usual, prices can change over time. These cigars are a good value for being quality smokes, but in this case, only if you are an experienced cigar smoker who enjoys a full-bodied cigar, and only if you have more than an hour to smoke such an extra large cigar in one sitting (and only if your liquor cabinet is well stocked with Scotch).
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