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Review of Oliva Serie O Toro Cigar

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Oliva Serie O Toro Cigar

Oliva Serie O Toro Cigar

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We have previously reviewed a few Oliva cigars on this website, and I was so impressed with the Serie G and especially the Serie V that a review of the Serie O seemed warranted. The Oliva Serie O is made by the Oliva Family of Cigars with tobaccos exclusively from Nicaragua. Serie O cigars are Nicaraguan puros which actually predate the Serie G and Serie V lines of Oliva cigars. The Toro size that I smoked measured six inches in length with a ring gauge of 50.


My Oliva Serie O Toro was a medium-to-full bodied smoke, having a noticeable spicy flavor that wasn't too over the top. However, there was also a slightly bitter aftertaste, which faded after about two inches into the cigar. In addition, the spicy flavor also began to fade. I was disappointed with the taste of this cigar, after having high expectations that it would be at least as good or even better than the Serie G. It was still a decent stick once it got going, but just not as enjoyable overall. It looks (and tastes) like Oliva's series of Serie cigars just kept getting better with each new release. The Serie O was first, then the Serie G, and finally their best effort yet, the Serie V.

Draw and Construction

The cigar had a good draw and was well made. The burn was even and no touch-up lights were needed, but the cigar did require one relight at about the three-inch mark. It took me about 45 minutes to smoke the cigar down to two inches remaining.


A box of 20 Oliva Serie O Toros should cost around $84, or about $4.20 per cigar. As usual, single cigars will cost a bit more. The price is higher than Serie G Toros, but less than any of Serie V sizes. Since both the Serie G and Serie V are much better tasting cigars in my opinion, the Serie O is not really a very good value. For a less expensive but higher quality cigar, get the Serie G. But, to experience one of the best cigars that you will ever smoke, go for the Serie V. It is definitely worth the price. Make sure to read our reviews of both the Oliva Serie G and Oliva Serie V cigars.
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