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Review of Carlos Torano 2008 Tribute Churchill Cigar

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Carlos Torano 2008 Tribute Churchill Cigar

Carlos Torano 2008 Tribute Churchill Cigar

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A number of cigar makers have blended special edition cigars in honor of their fathers and grandfathers, but the Carlos Torano Tribute has to be one of the very best. The Tribute is one of those special occasion cigars which would not only make a great gift for your father on his birthday or on Father's Day, but is also a great cigar for you to smoke in honor or remembrance of any close friend or relative. The 2008 Torano Tribute is a limited edition cigar, made with a blend of very special filler tobaccos and binder from Nicaragua, and a dark Brazilian wrapper. The cigar is available in four sizes. The size that I smoked for this review was a Churchill, measuring seven inches in length with a ring gauge of 47.


The Torano 2008 Tribute is a medium-to-full bodied cigar with a full and rich natural tobacco flavor. Although the cigar is not overly strong, it is recommended for more seasoned cigar smokers, as opposed to beginners. The cigar tasted great down to 2 ½ inches remaining, with no bad aftertaste. It was perfectly balanced, and I noticed just a few similarities in flavor to the CAO Lx2, although I rate the Tribute a half notch higher.

Draw and Construction

The Torano Tribute was perfectly constructed and had a good draw. Since the ring gauge was only 47, the volume of smoke was not quite as great as other Churchill-size cigars having a ring of 50 or more. Although this was not a mild cigar, the size may have tempered the effects of the cigar's full strength to some degree. The cigar had an even burn and did not need any touch-up lights, but one relight was required about half-way down. Again, the cigar was very well made and burned slowly. It took me 1 ½ hours to smoke it down to 2 ½ inches remaining.


A box of 20 Torano Tribute Churchills should cost between $150 and $175, so it can pay to shop around. They are also available online in five-packs for around $43. At a cost of $7.50 or more per stick when purchased by the box, these are not value-priced cigars, but special limited edition cigars for special occasions. As such, they are well worth the price, and may actually be under-priced when compared to other super premium cigars on the market. A great choice for Father's Day, and a great stick to have in your own humidor for when the time is right to honor or pay tribute to a special person by bringing out a special cigar. I thank Carlos Llaca-Torano for handing me one of these special sticks at a cigar event back in February 2009. The cigar rested in my humidor until being reviewed during May 2009.
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