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Review of Avo Signature Belicoso Cigar

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Avo Signature Belicoso Cigar

Avo Signature Belicoso Cigar

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The Avo Uvezian Signature cigar is made in the Dominican Republic with a blend of Dominican filler tobaccos and an Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper. The Belicoso that I smoked is a torpedo shaped cigar measuring six inches long with a ring gauge of 48.


The first few puffs after lighting this cigar were a bit harsh, but the taste quickly improved into a mellow and smooth medium-to-full bodied smoke, which remained pretty much consistent for 20 to 25 minutes. The cigar then became a bit stronger, but still enjoyable down to the last 1 ½ inches. A natural (and mildly sweet) tobacco taste is prominent, with just hints of a few other flavors such as cedar and spice. Although I enjoyed this Avo Signature cigar, I would recommend Avo's 787 line to most occasional cigar smokers, who usually prefer more mild-to-medium blends.

Draw and Construction

Like all Avo cigars that I've experienced, the Signature Belicoso was well constructed, plus it had a generous and easy draw which provided a nice volume of smoke. This was a little bit of a pleasant surprise coming from a cigar with a ring gauge less than 50. The cigar held a medium-to-long ash and burned evenly during the first 25 minutes, but then needed a touch-up light. About 15 minutes later, a relight was required. It took about an hour to smoke the cigar down to two inches remaining, when it went out for the second time. This is the point where I put most cigars down, but I relit it again and enjoyed the cigar for another 10-15 minutes to just under 1 ½ inches remaining.


Avo Signature cigars can be considered somewhat of a treat. Carrying a price tag of around $12 per stick when purchased by the box or sampler pack, the Avo Signature Belicoso is certainly not your everyday cigar. Price is usually an issue with Avo cigars, as it was with the Avo 787 Perfecto previously reviewed. It is certainly possible to obtain more than 95% of the flavor and enjoyment that you get from smoking an Avo cigar, by purchasing any one of a number of other brands for half the price. But then again, there is a principle known as the law of diminishing returns. At a certain point, the price you must pay to get something just a little better (or maybe only a little different) can increase at a rate that far exceeds the amount of improvement.
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