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Review of CAO Italia Positano Cigar

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CAO Italia Positano Cigar

CAO Italia Positano Cigar

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CAO's Italia line of cigars are made with tobaccos from four countries, including tobaccos from a couple of nontraditional countries (tobacco that is not mainstream in the U.S.). The wrapper and binder are from Honduras, but the filler is a blend of Italian, Peruvian, and Nicaraguan tobaccos. If you are looking for something different, the Italia certainly qualifies, at least on paper. The Italia Positano cigar being reviewed is a Toro size cigar measuring six inches long with a 50 ring gauge.


CAO Italia cigars are pretty close to being full bodied, and have a deep rich earthy flavor. The cigars have just a hint of spice, and have a slightly dry and leathery finish. The taste has some similarities to the CAO America line of cigars (both contain some Italian tobacco), although each line has its own unique blend. If you like America, you will probably like the Italia, also. However, the Italia is not very comparable to another cigar that I enjoy which also contains some Peruvian filler tobacco, namely the St. Luis Rey. The Italia is fuller and more earthy, with less spice.

Draw and Construction

The CAO Italia Positano cigar was very well made, had a good draw, and held a long a firm ash. The burn was even, and the cigar did not require any relights nor touch-ups. The cigar lasted for about an hour, and was enjoyable all the way down to two inches remaining.


I paid $7.50 for a single stick, but Italia Positano cigars are available online in boxes of 20 for around $120, which works out to $6 per cigar. When purchased in 5-packs, the average cost is about $6.50 per cigar. For comparison, similar size CAO America cigars can cost about $1 more per cigar. Although the CAO America is a more desirable cigar and worth a higher price, Italia's are still a good value for being unique full-bodied cigars that will appeal to experienced cigar smokers who enjoy deep earthy tobacco flavors.
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