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Review of Cibao Belicoso Cigar

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Cibao Belicoso Cigar

Cibao Belicoso Cigar

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Cibao cigars by Jose Blanco are made in the Dominican Republic with Connecticut Shade wrappers and Dominican filler tobaccos. The cigars are available in several sizes, including a Belicoso (short torpedo) size/shape that measured 5 ½ inches long with a ring gauge of 50. A larger torpedo is more readily available and may be easier to find than the one reviewed here. At the time of this writing, Cibao cigars in the Robusto, Churchill, and Toro sizes were in greatest supply.


Cibao cigars are mild-to-medium sticks, as one might expect from a cigar made with a Connecticut Shade wrapper. The taste was a mildly sweet and natural tobacco flavor, which was just a little bitter at the start. The slight bitterness gradually faded away after about ten minutes, and the smoke was very satisfying and consistent thereafter, but not very complex nor extremely interesting.

Draw and Construction

The construction of the Cibao torpedo was surprisingly very good, especially for such a low-priced cigar. The cigar had an even burn throughout the duration of the smoke, held a medium-to-long ash, and did not require any relights nor touch-ups. The draw was very good, and provided a nice volume of smoke. However, the cigar did burn a little fast, as evidenced by its relatively short smoking time. It took only about 35 minutes to smoke the cigar down to two inches remaining.


Cibao cigars are definitely value priced, as a box of 25 will cost you about $50, which works out to an average of only $2 per stick. This is a very good price for a decent cigar that is very well made and tastes better than many bundled cigars at this price point. Because they are somewhat mild, these cigars are more suitable for newer cigar smokers, and for daily smokers who are looking for a decent everyday cigar having a low price. Not a cigar for that special occasion, nor for those who smoke only a couple of cigars per week (get something better).

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