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Review of Gran Habano #3 Churchill Cigar

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Gran Habano #3 Churchill Cigar

Gran Habano #3 Churchill Cigar

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Gran Habano cigars are made in Honduras by GR Tabacaleras Unidas. The company was founded in 1995 by Guillermo Rico along with his son, George Rico. Their Habano #3 cigar is made with a blend of filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, Mexico, and Costa Rica. The binder and wrapper are from Nicaragua. The Habano #3 Churchill size cigar is the subject of this review, and measures seven inches long with a ring gauge of 48.


The Gran Habano #3 Churchill started out as a medium bodied cigar in both strength and flavor. The tobacco flavor was slightly sweet, with just a hint of spice. However, the smoke had somewhat of a dry finish. After about 15 minutes, the sweetness was hardly noticeable and the spice was fading, as the cigar began to strengthen. After 35 minutes, the sweetness was completely gone and the spice was hardly noticeable, transforming into an almost bland cigar that was approaching the medium-to-full level of strength. Beyond this point, the cigar tasted about the same for the remainder of the smoke. The flavor was not bad, but not quite as enjoyable as the first 35 minutes or so.

Draw and Construction

The Gran Habano #3 Churchill cigar was well made, and had a good draw. The cigar burned evenly for the most part, but did require one touch-up light after about 50 minutes. No relights were required. The cigar lasted for an hour and 20 minutes, after being smoked down to 2 ½ inches remaining.


A box of 20 Gran Habano Churchill #3 cigars should cost less than $70, which works out to an average of $3.50 per stick. The price is lower than most other brands of handmade cigars, putting them in the category of value-priced cigars, at least for most folks. Since the Habano #3's are decent cigars that are a little better than average quality, their price point does makes them a decent value. Another cigar made by George Rico that I found more enjoyable, but at almost double the price, is his G.A.R. brand of cigars. Try them both!
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