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Review of San Cristobal Robusto Cigar

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San Cristobal Robusto Cigar

San Cristobal Robusto Cigar

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San Cristobal cigars are made by Jose "Pepin" Garcia for Ashton Distributors. The cigars are made in Nicaragua, and are Nicaraguan puros made entirely with tobaccos from Nicaragua. These cigars are available in eight different sizes, including the Clasico Robusto that measures 5 inches long with a ring gauge of 50. The cigars are finished with a traditional Cuban-style triple cap.


San Cristobal cigars are full bodied cigars that are full in both strength and flavor. The initial taste is peppery, which soon morphs into a predominantly tangy spice and somewhat sweet flavor that is both rich and satisfying. After about 20 minutes, the cigar tames down just a bit into a very enjoyable spicy flavor that lasts until the end of the smoke. This is not the strongest cigar you will ever smoke, but it is still a full bodied cigar that is most appropriate for more experienced smokers, as opposed to beginners.

Draw and Construction

The San Cristobal Robusto was very well made and had a good draw. The cigar held a medium-to-long ash and burned evenly, for the most part, as one touch-up light was needed about 35 minutes into the smoke. The cigar lasted for just under an hour, and was smoked down to two inches remaining.


A box of 22 San Cristobal Robustos should cost around $150, which works out to just under $7 per cigar. This is a fair price for an Ashton product that is handmade by Don Pepin with high quality Nicaraguan tobaccos. Again, these cigars are recommended for more for experienced cigar smokers.
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