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Additional Acknowledgements


May 8, 2007
Today we received the first donation of cigars from UpTown Cigar Company
32 John St.
Kingston, NY 12401

The note in the box read as follows:
"Major Mitchell,
This is a donation from a very good customer of ours 'Dit Talley'. We hope you enjoy a good smoke with some friends. All of our best wishes,
From Uptown Cigar Company!
(signed) Tori St. Pierre"

This was a somber week for us as two members of our camp were killed in the line of duty and two others wounded while defending their position. This is a very dangerous place and again, we really appreciate that people are thinking of us.

A heart felt thank you from all of us,
Major Mitch Fadem, Ph.D., USAF

May 17, 2007
Tonight is cigar night and we received another box from some good friends Ron, Linda and Sean Daugherty of Sandia Park, NM. Ron is a retired Air Force LtCol, Linda is a teacher and their son Sean is a fire fighter for the US Forest Service. They sent us a box of Macanudo Duke of York Café. Oh, my brother Scott Fadem (Las Vegas, Nevada) and good friend Jerry Larson (Hancock, MN) also sent us about 50 cigars each. Jerry sent some J&R specials and Scott sent some MrB's and Flor de Oliva maduros. The Flor de Oliva as you know are a favorite of mine and have been a hit here as well.

Thank you again for this. The troops here really appreciate it. The new CENTCOM Command Chaplin came by for a smoke as well. His name is CAPT Danner (Navy 06) and a Catholic Priest. What great guy. He saw us smoking and asked if he could buy a cigar from us. I quickly told him the story about the cigars and he just said "Well God Bless You and your friend Gary". He said that many of us are here for various reasons and it just be that I was brought to Afghanistan to make life just a bit more enjoyable in the middle of all this chaos.
That is all from the big sand-box.

May 22, 2007
Today we received a shipment of Nicaraguan bundles from Lynn Cigars, 20808 Highview Road, Marengo, IL 60152. They sent us a variety of six bundles of light and dark tobacco, a very generous gift. The folks at Lynn Cigars have a great internet business at www.lynncigars.com and one of my good friends, Jerry Larson (Hancock, MN) is a current customer and has just sent us another supply as well. We have been distributing them between two Camps now, Camp Eggers and Camp Phoenix. We are also getting a few boxes packed up to ship to other locations in Afghanistan.

TSgt Pedro Santos has converted a large plastic jar into a make-shift humidor. He keeps moisture in it with paper towels and has several with a mix of poor quality short fill to better long fill. The ones that have taken to the aging the best have been the Mr. B Maduro Lonsdale's. After only a few weeks they have really mellowed out and are smoking good enough to be knocking at the door of the TNT Padron alternatives.

This has been a great program and we all thank you again for helping out.

May 30, 2007
Dear Major Al Marchick (Ret.),
Thank you for your generous gift and your support of us over here. Also, thank you for your years of service. I have ordered from CI while I have been here and was pretty sure that my order already came and it was complete. I was totally shocked when I opened the box and saw the Gurkha's and your note. We of the 'Camp Eggers Cigar Smokers' club (CECS for short pronounced 'sex') thank you. I just packed up two containers of cigars today to send to some of our buddies down-range. We have a mini-distribution center going on here at Camp Eggers in Kabul and will continue to do so as long as some of us are here.
Thank you again,

Major Mitch Fadem

May 31, 2007
Hello Gary,
Today, a huge shipment arrived. My brother and sister-in-law, Scott and Michelle Fadem sent us 115 cigars of Dominican and Honduran labels that he ordered from Famous Smokes. In addition, Larry Lynn, Lynn Cigars sent us another 6 bundles (125 cigars) of Nicaraguan and Dominican. We will be packaging many of these and sending them to our cigar smoking troops at Camps Moorhead, Solerno, Phoenix, and Alamo as well as Bagram Air Field. Everyone is ecstatic over the support we have received. A big thank you to Larry Lynn again and his continued generosity and support of our efforts here. I also want give a special thank you to Scott and Michelle. I love you guys.

Major Mitch Fadem

June 6, 2007
TSgt Pedro Santos' wife sent us about 50 cigars hand made in Mexico. There were several Churchill size maduros, a couple of Te-Amo's and some really interesting 'barber-pole' looking coronas with a light and dark leaf wrapper. A very interesting smoking experience full of rich flavors, nice aromas, and an even burn.
Take care,

June 7, 2007
Andrew K. Mitnick,
Wow!!! You really know your cigars. You probably also know that the Puros Indios Viejo made to the 'Top 25' list in 'Cigar Aficionado'. The low 'Roly' cigars from Rolando Reyes are also pretty good. I will let Pedro know to look for the shipment. We will let you know when it arrives. Last week we passed out more than 100 cigars at our 'cigar night', sent 200 to Camp Phoenix and 100 to Camp Moorehead. We are trying to get a shipment down to Kandahar as well. Thank you so much from all of us serving our country here in Afghanistan,

I shipped the package today to Pedro Santos. I included a box of Puros Indios and a box of Savoy Churchill's (there is also a cutter). I believe the two boxes total 45 cigars. In addition, I included a box with about 20 singles. Among those singles, I included 2 Opus Xs from my personal humidor. There should be an Ashton VSG, several La Gloria Cubana Serie R No. 6 and the cigars without a band are The Edge by Rocky Patel. I do not know how long it will take for the package to be delivered. Let me know what else I can send. Thank you.
Andrew K. Mitnick
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