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The Great Smoke 2013 Cigar Event


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The Great Smoke Cigar Event of 2013
Crowd at The Great Smoke in 2013

Crowd at The Great Smoke in 2013

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Smoke Inn's Seventh Annual Great Smoke cigar event was held in West Palm Beach on February 16, 2013. It was a beautiful party-sunny 72-degree day in South Florida, just perfect for enjoying some fine cigars, libations, food, drinks, entertainment, camaraderie, etc. in the great outdoors (under tent). Forty cigar companies were represented, many by their principals, and it was an adventure to personally visit with each one and collect a premium handmade cigar. I attended the Third Annual Great Smoke back in 2009, and the 2013 edition was definitely "bigger and badder" than before. I also had the chance to interview the owner of the Smoke Inn and organizer of The Great Smoke, Abe Dababneh, a couple weeks or so before this year's event, so I already knew what to expect in advance – nothing short of a great time!
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