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Cigar Culture

Cigar mystique, including clubs, events and web sites about cigars. Also includes cigars in the media and movies, featuring celebrity smokers and more.
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Cigar Fashion
First in a series of articles about cigar attire, featuring the guayabera cigar shirt.

Cigar Experts
Cigar Experts and other terms to describe what they are called.

Kiss My Ash Radio
The Kiss My Ash Radio program broadcasts live from the Smoke Inn in South Florida, and shows are archived online.

Top Cigar Cities in the United States
The best cigar city to smoke and enjoy a cigar in public, the best cigar city to mingle and interact within a genuine cigar culture, and the best cigar city to experience a taste of cigar history.

Smoking Cigars on Cruise Ship Vacations
Smoking cigars on cruise ships while on vacation can be very enjoyable, but make sure that the ship is cigar friendly. Each cruise line has different smoking restrictions and amenities for cigar and pipe smokers, which are subject to change.

Smoking Cigars in Casinos
Smoking cigars in casinos is becoming a thing of the past due to the proliferation of indoor smoking bans, requiring some casinos to construct outdoor patios for their smoking patrons.

Top 10 Cigar Videos
List of the top 10 cigar videos on the internet, with links to scenes from movies, commercials, news programs, and original content on sites like youtube, google video, and metacafe.

Cigar Catering for Special Occasions
Cigar catering services are now available for special events such as weddings, parties, and special occasions. Professional cigar rollers and servers are available in every U.S. city.

The Cigar Dave Radio Show
Cigar Dave, aka "The General", has been broadcasting a 2-hour syndicated radio program out of Tampa since 1995. The show is devoted entirely to cigars, and is available in many local markets, and also on satellite radio.

Top 100 Cigar Smokers of the Twentieth Century
Top 100 listing also includes each person's favorite cigar. Very interesting and enlightening, even though you may not agree with all the names listed or their rankings.

Find a Cigar Event
Search for General Cigar promotions and events coming to your area.

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